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Upcoming Undergraduate Courses

Below are the courses currently planned for 2020-21.  Please note that some changes may occur.

DE = Distance Education

For more information regarding these history courses refer to our Course Outlines page.

Winter 2020

  • HIST*1010    The Early Modern World
  • HIST*1050    Invitation to History: Digging Up the Past (Section 1)
  • HIST*1050    Invitation to History: Treaty Relationships (Section 2)
  • HIST*1150    The Modern World (2 Sections)
  • HIST*1250    Science & Technology in a Global Context
  • HIST*2020    Film as History
  • Hist*2040     War and Society (DE)
  • HIST*2090    Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
  • HIST*2120    Animals and Society (DE)
  • HIST*2130    Modern Sport - A Global History
  • HIST*2190    Celtic Britain and Ireland in the Early Modern Age
  • HIST*2250    Environment and History (DE)
  • HIST*2340    Slavery & Migrations in the Atlantic World
  • HIST*2450    The Practicing Historian
  • HIST*2600    Post-Confederation Canada
  • HIST*2910    Modern Asia
  • HIST*3180    Canada Since 1945
  • HIST*3240    Food History
  • HIST*3270    Revolution in the Modern World
  • HIST*3310    Disease in History
  • HIST*3450    The Uses of History
  • HIST*3470    Independent Reading
  • HIST*3480    Workplace Learning: Various Projects
  • HIST*3520    The Vikings
  • HIST*3560    Experiential Learning for History Students (new course - 2 sections)
  • HIST*3600    Quebec & French Canada
  • HIST*3640    Madness & Psychiatry
  • HIST*3820    Early Modern France
  • HIST*3840    Ottoman Empire, 1300-1923
  • HIST*4470    Special History Project I
  • HIST*4580    The French Revolution
  • HIST*4620    Seminar in Canadian Rural History
  • HIST*4700    Topics in Medieval History
  • HIST*4080    Indigenous Resistance Writing and Movements (new course)
  • HIST*4970    Special History Project II