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Upcoming Undergraduate Courses

About 2020-2021

Dear History students,

The Department of History is teaching its courses remotely this year. Formats vary and include both synchronous (live lectures and discussions, for example) and asynchronous components.  So whether you have decided to move back to Guelph or not, we continue to make sure you are able to keep up with your degree.  Please check our course outline webpage to learn more about the content and format of each HIST course.  We look forward to seeing you again on campus as soon as it is safe to do so. That access will be determined by Provincial Government guidelines through the local Public Health Department and by protocols developed within this university, all of which prioritize safety.

We continue to work hard to create a remote experience that presents intellectual challenges and use technology to create accessible, interactive, and exciting content. 


Winter 2021 History Course Offerings (subject to change)

Note that DE = Distance Education

  • HIST*1010    DE   The Early Modern World
  • HIST*1050    01    Invitation to History: The Tudors
  • HIST*1050    02    Invitation to History: The Celts
  • HIST*1150    01    The Modern World
  • HIST*1150    02    The Modern World
  • HIST*1250    01    Sci & Tech in a Global Context
  • HIST*2020    01    Film as History
  • HIST*2040    DE   War and Society
  • HIST*2120    DE   Animals and Society
  • HIST*2130    01    Modern Sport - A Global History
  • HIST*2160    DE   9/11 in Historical Perspectives
  • HIST*2190    01    Celtic Britain and Ireland Early Mod
  • HIST*2200    01    The Medieval World
  • HIST*2250    DE   Environment and History
  • HIST*2340    01    Slavery & Migrations in the Atlantic World
  • HIST*2450    01    The Practicing Historian
  • HIST*2510    01    Modern Europe Since 1789
  • HIST*2600    01    Post-Confederation Canada
  • HIST*2850    01    Ancient Greece and Rome
  • HIST*2910    01    Modern Asia
  • HIST*3130    DE   Popular Culture and Punishment
  • HIST*3160    01    Canadian Political History
  • HIST*3200    01    Youth in History
  • HIST*3240    01    Food History
  • HIST*3270    01    Revolution in the Modern World
  • HIST*3310    01    Disease in History
  • HIST*3390    01    Governments and Indigenous Spaces
  • HIST*3440    01    The Global Sixties
  • HIST*3450    01    The Uses of History
  • HIST*3470    01    Independent Reading (Instructor approval and Course Waiver Request required)
  • HIST*3480    01    Workplace Learning: Topic TBA (Instructor approval and Course Waiver Request required)
  • HIST*3480    02    Workplace Learning: Rural Diary Archive (Instructor approval and Course Waiver Request required)
  • HIST*3480    03    Workplace Learning: Topic TBA (Instructor approval and Course Waiver Request required)
  • HIST*3480    04    Workplace Learning:  Miscreants & Rascals (Instructor approval and Course Waiver Request required)
  • HIST*3490    DE   Canada and the Second World War
  • HIST*3520    01    The Vikings
  • HIST*3640    01    Madness & Psychiatry
  • HIST*3820    01    Early Modern France
  • HIST*3830    01    Modern Middle East
  • HIST*3840    01    Ottoman Empire, 1300-1923
  • HIST*4040    01    Topics in Scottish History
  • HIST*4070    01    Experiential Learning: Research
  • HIST*4080    01    Indigenous Resistance Writing
  • HIST*4120    01    Topics in Global History
  • HIST*4170    01    Exploration of Digital Humanities
  • HIST*4450    01    Life, Death and Migrations
  • HIST*4470    01    Special History Project I
  • HIST*4700    01    Topics in Medieval History/Premodern History
  • HIST*4970    01    Special History Project II

For more information regarding these history courses refer to our Course Outlines page.   *To have the updated information, make sure you choose Winter 2021 in the drop down menu.