Philosophy of Language (PHIL*3250) | College of Arts

Philosophy of Language (PHIL*3250)

Code and section: PHIL*3250*01

Term: Fall 2022

Instructor: Mark McCullagh


Method of Delivery:

Each week: 3 hrs lectures

Course Synopsis:

We will read some classic 20th century writings on language by Gottlob Frege, A. J. Ayer, Ludwig Wittgenstein, J. L. Austin and Saul Kripke. Then we will learn some semantic theory, using Kate Kearns’ textbook. With that we will be ready to read some Paul Grice. Then we will look at the contemporary debate over “semantic minimalism,” reading from recent contributions by Ernie Lepore and Herman Cappelen, Emma Borg, and Charles Travis.

Assignments & Means of Evaluation:

  • Two in-class discussion-starter presentations - 30%
  • Five 300-word reading responses (6% each) - 30%
  • Two 1,500-word essays (20% each) - 40%

Required Textbooks:

This course uses online resources.

* Please note:  This is a preliminary web course outline only.  The Philosophy Department reserves the right to change without notice any information in this description.  The final, binding course outline will be distributed in the first class of the semester.