Social and Political Philosophy (PHIL*6600) | College of Arts

Social and Political Philosophy (PHIL*6600)

Code and section: PHIL*6600*01

Term: Winter 2020

Instructor: Monique Deveaux


This seminar examines ethical and normative questions surrounding human migration, particularly in relation to the current global migrant crisis. We will take up debates in contemporary moral and political theory about the justifiability of sovereignty and closed borders; duties to assist ‘distant others’/non-compatriots; and ethical claims surrounding territory and place. Among the authors we may read are Joseph Carens, Seyla Benhabib, Robert Goodin, Christian Barry, Ayelet Shachar, Margaret Moore, Avery Kolers, Thomas Nail, Gillian Brock, Glen Coulthard, Leah Ypi, Chandran Kukathas, Michael Walzer, and David Miller.


Course outline