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Professor Andrew Bailey on Covid-19 Immunity passports

Philosophy professor and Associate Dearn, Research and Graduate Studie. (on leave in winter 2021) breaks down the argument in favour of Covid-19 immunity passports at Conversation Canada..

Congratulations to Josh Grant-Young!

Congratulations to our doctoral student Josh Grant-Young! 

Josh has a paper coming out in an upcoming collection, Philosophy, Film and the Dark Side of Independence (Lexington Books, November 2020), entitled “Dissecting the Corrupted Body Politic: Fear, ‘Body Horror’ and the Failure of Relations”.


Way to go April Marratto and Josh Grant-Young!

April Marratto and Josh Grant-Young have submitted videos for Guelph's Three-minute thesis competition! You can see their videos here.

The winner of this competition will move on to represent Guelph at the provincial competition hosted by the University of Windsor. 

Plus, there's a People's Choice Award (you can vote through this Qualtrics survey)! So, please try to visit the site and support Josh and April!