Marie-Pier Lemay has won a post-doctoral fellowship! | College of Arts

Marie-Pier Lemay has won a post-doctoral fellowship!

Posted on Thursday, May 6th, 2021

In her postdoctoral project, titled "Searching for Feminist Solidarity in Informal Spaces: An Empirical and Theoretical Inquiry",  Marie-Pier will ask: how should we, as political and feminist philosophers, bring forward an ethics of solidarity without rendering   invisible marginalized voices? What kinds of insights would the process of listening to these voices yield? Feminist and political philosophers to date have paid little attention towards solidarity in grassroots social movements; however, the present mobilization towards racial justice demonstrates the need for more interdisciplinary engagement between social movements studies and philosophy for clarifying the underpinnings of an ethics of solidarity. Marie-Pier will investigate, through a mixed methods approach, how informal spaces of feminist solidarity can alternately support or undercut important values of inclusion and diversity. Specifically, she will sketch an ethics of feminist solidarity by integrating testimonies from marginalized people concerned with appeals to solidarity. She is currently finishing her doctoral dissertation on transnational feminist solidarity under the supervision of Monique Deveaux.