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Philosophy of Horror

Occulted, Estranged & Inhuman Knowledges

WHEN: April 26 -27, 2019
WHERE: 10C Carden (42 Carden Street) Downtown Guelph

Occulted, Estranged and Inhuman Knowledges, hosted in Guelph, ON by members of the “Philosophy in the Dark” reading group, presents knowledge as a principle topic for interrogation through the mediums of philosophy, horror film, literature, visual arts and music. Knowledge (human and inhuman), the lack of knowledge, its perversion or theft, and the undermining of thought itself are all chief interests to our gathering.

Drawing on academic papers, artistic (visual,musical) presentations and round-table discussions, Occulted, Estranged and Inhuman Knowledges invites scholars and publics to explore the dark.


Contact Josh Grant-Young ( ) for more information.