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Undergraduate Studies

Our undergraduate programs provide students with unique opportunities to develop a thorough understanding of representation and performance in different media from around the world. 

The undergraduate English program at Guelph provides students with a unique opportunity to develop a broad and in-depth understanding of literature by offering a variety of courses that comprehensively cover the following areas of study: Colonial, Postcolonial, and Diasporic Studies; Canadian Literature; Early Modern Studies; Media, Technology and Literacy in the Humanities; Studies in Performance and Politics; Sexuality and Gender Studies; Transnational Nineteenth Century Studies; and Environmental Writing. The department also provides students with the option to minor in creative writing. The Creative Writing minor is as thorough as the English major and reflects the significant role that creative writing plays in shaping everyday culture. Both programs help students develop their communication skills in writing, broaden the scope of their creative thinking, and develop a critical attention to the ways writing influences daily life. 

The Theatre Studies program at Guelph is a degree option within the B.A. Program and is dedicated to the integrated study of both academic and practical applications of drama and theatre.

Want to learn more about each program? Prospective students can discover our undergraduate curriculum and learn about courses by looking at information on the EnglishTheatre Studies, and Creative Writing webpages. 

Both programs have lively communities and are represented by student societies. The Drama Students Federation (DSF) and The English Students' Society (TESS) are active student groups, provide support for new students, host various events, and have members that can help students contact faculty with any program-related concerns they may have.