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Undergraduate Studies

Our undergraduate programs in English and Theatre Studies offer students exciting opportunities to learn.

The undergraduate English program at Guelph offers a wide array of literature courses covering thinkers and writers from around the world and from the Middle Ages to the present. We also offer courses in the study of non-fiction texts and courses in creative writing. 

The Theatre Studies program at Guelph is a degree option within the B.A. Program and is dedicated to the integrated study of both academic and practical applications of drama and theatre.

Want to learn more about each program? Prospective students can discover our undergraduate curriculum by looking at information about English or Theatre Studies.

Both programs have lively communities and are represented by student societies. The Drama Students Federation (DSF) and The English Students' Society (TESS) are active student groups, provide support for new students, host various events, and have direct contact with faculty about the issues and challenges facing current students.