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French Studies offers dozens of French courses taught in class and online by a diverse faculty who collectively offer a variety of educational backgrounds and specializations. For more information consult the list of faculty and staff.


Whether you are looking to perfect your knowledge of the language or to acquire basic knowledge, French Studies has something for you. Courses are offered at a variety of levels dealing with an assortment of subjects, including the French language, literature, linguistics and translation.


For a list of courses offered, see the list of course descriptions.



Academic Requirements

Major in French Studies

8.00 credits, or 16 courses, in French are required for a major in French. The maximum number of French courses which can count towards a French major is 28 courses, or 14.00 credits. Only French courses taught in French can satisfy the requirements of a major; French courses taught in English, such as 1090, 1100, 1120 and 1150 cannot count towards a specialization in French. In addition, some students may or must be exempt from certain courses, depending on their education and their experience in French. Remember, however, that if you are exempt from a course you must replace it with an appropriate French course in order to satisfy the degree requirements. Ensure that you are informed of your specific degree requirements in order to carefully plan your course choices.


Minor in French Studies

A minor or concentration in French requires the completion of 5.00 credits, or 10 courses in French. Remember that only courses taught in French satisfy the degree requirements and that you may be in a situation where you may or must be exempt from certain courses which you must replace.

These are the specific requirements for a major or minor in French



Courses which do not count towards a specialization (major, minor, concentration) in French:

  • FREN*1090 (for students who have Ontario grade 9 French, or equivalent, but not above)

  • FREN*1100 (for students who have Ontario grade 10 French, or equivalent, but not above)

  • FREN*1120 (for students who have Ontario grade 11 French, or equivalent, but not above)

  • FREN*1150 (for students who have Ontario grade 11 French, or equivalent, but not above)

To enroll in the above courses students must obtain permission from the instructor, who will assess the student's proficiency in French.


Mandatory Course Exemptions

Native speakers of French (or non-francophone equivalent) will not normally be admitted to the following courses:

Francophone or equivalent students must submit a course waver form, signed by a member of the faculty.


Download the course waiver form, or request one at Undergraduate Program Services (UC, 3rd floor) or at the School of Languages and Literatures' reception desk.


We recommend that students who have a higher competency in French than needed for FREN*1300 begin their program with FREN*2020, FREN*2060, FREN*2500, or FREN*2520 (with permission from the instructor).


If you would like more information please contact our academic counsellor, Clive Thomson ( 


Please note: if you must be exempt from a mandatory course such as FREN*1200 or FREN*1300, it must be replaced by another French course in order to fulfill the degree requirements.