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French Studies offers dozens of French courses taught in class and online by a diverse faculty who collectively offer a variety of educational backgrounds and specializations. For more information consult the list of faculty and staff.

Whether you are looking to perfect your knowledge of the language or to acquire basic knowledge, French Studies has something for you. Courses are offered at a variety of levels dealing with an assortment of subjects, including the French language, literature, culture, linguistics and translation.

For a list of courses offered, see the list of course descriptions.


Major/Minor Requirements

The requirements for a major/minor in French Studies can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar

We recommend that students who have a higher competency in French than needed for FREN*1300 begin their program with FREN*2020, FREN*2060, FREN*2500, or FREN*2520 (with permission from the instructor or faculty advisor).

If you would like more information please contact our faculty advisor, Alena Barysevich (



It’s rewarding to be bilingual!

For the 2023-24 academic year, bursaries are available from the ACUFC for students wishing to begin a major in French Studies.

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Deadline: April 2023