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During your studies at Guelph, you will have the opportunity to participate in exchanges within Canada and abroad. You can consult descriptions for the exchanges below. Don't forget to request a letter of permission (see bottom of page).



Rhône Alpes


Letter of permission

In order to get credit at the University of Guelph for courses taken in French in Québec or abroad you need a letter of permission. Forms are available at the School of Languages and Literatures' reception desk and at the Registrar's office. Contact Professor Ania Wroblewski ( for courses taken in Quebec or abroad.

Please bring the following documents to your appointment with the professor:

A "Request for Letter of Permission" form with the top portion competed.

A current copy of your "Unofficial summary of Academic Record" for courses you've taken at Guelph. If you have not taken any courses at Guelph, include a list of French courses you have taken in high school or elsewhere.

A description of courses available at the establishment which you plan to attend (a letter of acceptance is not enough).