Amy Rayburn, HTM 2011 Grad

Eat, Love, Pray Adventure

Amy's story, thus far.....

As I sit on this secluded beach, digging my toes into the silky sand, I am amazed to see dolphins playing in the deep blue water while the red hot sun slowly sinks into the Arabian Sea. I literally have to pinch myself to realize this is real. 

Lucy-Mae Von Sichartshofen Schenk - Published Author and Hotel and Food Administration Student

Every year The College of Management and Economics proudly welcomes first year students and endeavours to help them become life-long learners through applied learning opportunities.  Many students embrace the challenges set by CME and prove themselves both academically and professionally.  As a first year Hotel and Food Administration co-op student, Lucy-Mae Von Sichartshofen Schenk personifies CME’s values and brings a lot to the table considering she published her first novel at the age of fourteen. 

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