LED technologies in controlled environment plant production- M.Sc. and PhD | Ontario Agricultural College

LED technologies in controlled environment plant production- M.Sc. and PhD

LED technologies in controlled environment plant production


Lighting is a key element in controlled environment plant production. Horticultural LED technology is still rapidly developing; especially in increasing energy use efficiency and reducing costs. LEDs can be used to improve plant quality, such as enhanced nutritional and medicinal phytochemicals, and increase yield.  For example, different combinations of light spectrum, intensity, and photoperiod can all be manipulated to drastically change cannabis yield and quality. This is an exciting time for controlled environment plant production research. This sector is booming and certainly needs many talented and well-trained young minds. 

OAC Academic Unit: School of Environmental Sciences

Advisor Name: Dr. Youbin Zheng (yzheng@uoguelph.ca)

Start Date: Fall 2021

Number of positions available

1 M.Sc. or PhD position (open to a domestic applicant, i.e. Canadian citizen or permanent resident)

Desired background

An excellent academic record, have some plant science background, have good academic writing skills, and are motivated to be hired into a good career right after graduation.

General Inquires 

Please contact Dr. Youbin Zheng at yzheng@uoguelph.ca for more details on the actual research and how to apply to become a graduate student in his lab.

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