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Welcome to the first year History program! 

We offer a wide array of classes for our majors and minors and for anyone else with an interest in history. Students in our History program become informed and engaged global citizens through courses exploring every region of the world. We also offer thematic courses on the global history of sports, religions, and science and technology, to name a few. Our faculty have particular strengths in the histories of Canada, Scotland, Britain and Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. 

The Department of History is teaching its courses remotely this year. Formats vary and include both synchronous (live lectures and discussions, for example) and asynchronous components.  Please check our course outline webpage to learn more about the content and format of each HIST course.  We look forward to seeing you on our beautiful campus as soon as it is safe to do so. That access will be determined by Provincial Government guidelines through the local Public Health Department and by protocols developed within this university, all of which prioritize safety.


Our first-year survey courses are:

HIST*1010 The Early Modern World
This course deals with the evolution and expansion of European society during the pre-industrial era. Commencing with the Renaissance and Reformation it surveys such themes as the voyages of exploration, the impact of western culture on indigenous societies, the development of commercial capitalism, the transformation of science and technology, and the conflict between imperial powers in Europe and overseas.

HIST*1150 The Modern World
The last century was like no other century, a period that radically transformed every part of the world. This course examines the 20th century with special emphasis on Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

HIST*1250 Science & Technology in Global Context
This course is an introduction to the culturally specific ways in which science and technology have developed historically from the ancient period through the twenty-first century. Emphasis is placed on the patterns in which scientific knowledge and practices have traveled and been constructed across cultures and the interconnected but distinct histories of science and technology.

The Department of History also offers small-class opportunities starting in the first year:

HIST*1050 Invitation to History
Invitation to History
 is a required course for all first year History majors, minors, and area of concentration. It introduces students to the basics of the historian’s craft including interpreting primary sources, locating and critically analyzing secondary sources and writing for History. In small classes of fourty students or less, it will provide you with the tools you need for success in our Program. Topics change with each offering of the course, but all teach the same skills to prepare you for your other history courses.

HIST*1050 - Fall 2020

HIST*1050*01 Invitation to History: Latin American History on Film
Instructor: Dr. Karen Racine
This course is intended to give the beginning student an introduction to the challenges of bringing real people and events to life on fim using Latin American history as the case study.
HIST*1050*02 Invitation to History: Women and Gender in Early Modern England
Instructor: Dr. Kim Martin
This course will introduce students to the basics of the historian’s craft, including locating, analyzing, and interpreting both primary and secondary sources. It will provide you with the skills that you need to be successful in your History major, minor, or area of concentration.

HIST*1050 - Winter 2021 (Subject to change)

HIST*1050*01 Invitation to History: The Tudors
Instructor: Dr. Susannah Ferreira

HIST*1050*02 Invitation to History: The Celts
Instructor: Dr. James Fraser