Social & Political Philosophy II: Black Political Thought (PHIL*6610) | College of Arts

Social & Political Philosophy II: Black Political Thought (PHIL*6610)

Code and section: PHIL*6610*01

Term: Winter 2022

Instructor: Monique Deveaux


Method of Delivery:

This course will be taught in-person, once meeting weekly (Thursdays 2:30-5:20).

Course Synopsis:

This course centers on contemporary political philosophy on race and justice, set broadly against the background of the Black Lives Matter movement. We will read recent work that addresses the structures and practices of racial injustice mainly within the North American context. Some of the course readings speak to the thinking and organizing associated with the Black Lives Matter movement and other contemporary Black political struggles against racist oppression (like the prison abolition movement). The philosophers and political theorists featured in the course include Myisha Cherry, Angela K. Davis, Chris Lebron, Charles W. Mills, Lucius Outlaw, Tommie Shelby, Olúfemi O. Táíwò, Rinaldo Walcott, Deva R. Woodly, and George Yancy.

Assignments & Means of Evaluation:

Oral expression (in-class discussion): 15%
10 short written reflections pieces (due before class): 15%
Oral presentation + written version of presentation (2000 words/5-6 pages): 25% 
Final research paper (7000-8000 words, or 17-20 pp.): 45% (due mid-April)

Required Textbooks:

This course uses books, book chapters, and journal articles that are available through ARES or are otherwise available online. Approximately 100 pages per week of reading.

* Please note:  This is a preliminary web course outline only.  The Philosophy Department reserves the right to change without notice any information in this description.  The final, binding course outline will be distributed in the first class of the semester.