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Class Projects

One of the most impactful and unique traditions in OAC, is the tradition of alumni giving back to the college through class projects. In 2021, class projects raised an amazing $400,000 to support OAC students and infastructure. These fundraising projects are spearheaded by a group of volunteers from a particular graduation year (or “class”). These volunteers select what priority they will fundraise toward, set a fundraising goal, timeframe and work with their classmates to meet the goal.

Class projects at the University of Guelph reconnect old friends, they celebrate milestones, and commemorate lost classmates, while supporting generations of students. These projects have a significant impact on the students, programs, faculty and capital projects they support. Many classes take advantage of a reunion year and launch appeals in coordination with milestone anniversaries.

Current class projects include:

  • OAC 1971/72 - $200,000 goal to support the Guelph Turfgrass Institute relocation.
  • OAC 1973 - $1 million goal to establish 10 new student awards and support the new OAC Alumni & Heritage Space in Johnston Hall. 
  • OAC 1978 - $250,000 goal to support the new OAC Alumni & Heritage Space in Johnston Hall.
  • OAC 1979 - $100,000 goal to support the new Honey Bee Research Centre.
  • OAC 1982 – $82,000 goal to support the Student Federation of OAC Lounge, Study Spaces and Offices in Johnston Hall.

Recently completed class projects:

  • OAC 1977 fundraised $250,000 to name the OAC 1977 Meat Science Lab.
  • OAC 1963 fundraised $210,000 to endow three new student awards.
  • OAC 1990/91 fundraised $30,000 to endow a new undergraduate award.

If a class project is of interest to you, OAC’s Alumni Affairs and Development team can help. They will work with you to determine a meaningful area of giving and support you through the process. This includes organizing appeals and crafting a compelling message to send to your classmates.

For more information:
Contact Morag Stewart, Director of Advancement| 519-824-4120, Ext. 56236