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OALA Awards Honour UofG Community Members

Numerous awards were bestowed to University of Guelph landscape architecture faculty, alumni and friends at the 2016 Ontario Association of Landscape Architects AGM and Conference on April 1, 2016.

Professor Cecelia Paine was awarded the “Pinnacle Award for Landscape Architectural Excellence”. This prestigious award recognizes an OALA member for a body of work that demonstrates outstanding professional accomplishment.

Womans stand together in kitchen setting

Creating Community through Cuisine

When travelling, sampling the food of your host country provides a literal taste of the culture you are visiting, but often there is nothing quite like returning home to familiar and favourite foods. Food is more than a meal; it is often part of a person’s identity. But for refugees who are escaping war, travel is no longer a temporary experience, and often part of their identity is challenged when they find new homes in countries that don’t offer the same foods from home.

Alex Waffle in plaid shirt

Meet Alex, MLA Student

For Alex Waffle, the practice of landscape architecture is about more than just functionality. By enrolling in the MLA program he has been able to combine art and science on practical and theoretical levels to design spaces and the experiences these spaces offer. Alex’s current MLA research investigates the potential of growing specialty and ethnic foods locally in the hot microclimates of Toronto.

SEDRD Interim Director Named

Prof. Al Lauzon has been named the interim director of the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development (SEDRD) effective November 1, 2015. Lauzon will assume interim director duties as Prof. Wayne Caldwell serves as interim dean of the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC).

Rural Canada Being Neglected: Report

After decades of neglect, it’s time to reinvest in rural Canada. That’s the finding of a new national report released today and co-authored by University of Guelph professors. “Without question, we’ve been ignoring rural Canada,” said Al Lauzon, a professor in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development (SEDRD), who helped write the “State of Rural Canada” report. SEDRD professors Wayne Caldwell and David Douglas are also authors.

Hazelnuts and the Sustainability of Ontario's Rural Communities

Rural communities are experiencing a drastic shift in their populations as more and more people choose to move to urban areas in search of employment. This shift presents significant challenges to the survival of those rural communities. However, the development of an Ontario hazelnut industry could help these communities to survive. 

From Pathway to Promenade

If you have visited the Guelph downtown, or headed out on a Saturday morning to check out the Guelph Farmers’ Market, you’ve probably travelled along the Wilson Street underpass. Chances are, you don’t remember much about it, but two Masters of Landscape Architecture (MLA) students are planning to make your next trip to the underpass unforgettable.

Talk it Out: Improving Agriculture Through Communication

Around the world, many countries face ongoing challenges related to agriculture, food and rural development. Recent examples include the earthquakes in Nepal and the avian influenza outbreaks in North America and West Africa. Dr. Helen Hambly Odame, from the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, is a member of the recently formed Communication for Rural Development and Social Change Global Research Initiative (GRI), which strives to prevent agricultural crises such as these through improved communication processes.

Resources for Rural Community Decision Makers

It’s time for Prof. Wayne Caldwell to make room on his bookshelf. He has just published two new books, adding to the seven he has already written or edited. Better Decisions, Together and Planning for Rural Resilience – Coping with Climate Change and Energy Futures, are the newest additions to his published books that focus on rural planning for a better future.

How Outdoor Spaces Influence Our Health and Well-Being

For landscape architecture professor Nathan Perkins, trees are more than giant plants; they’re more like friends and family. In fact, he named the trees in his own garden after his two sons and father.

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