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Carissa wearing grey sweater outside in front of tree

Meet Carissa, BBRM Student

Carissa White is a social butterfly. As an Equine Management student, member of the B.B.R.M. student council, U of G ambassador, volunteer with Equine Guelph, and an assistant to OAC outreach programs this past year, she is not missing a beat. Carissa is in love with the beautiful University of Guelph campus and is proud to be an OAC student who enjoys the diversity that her program offers.

Devon with striped shirt, stands in front of fence and trees

Meet Devon: An Animal Biology Student

Devon Stober has just completed the second year of her undergraduate degree in the Bachelor of Science - Animal Biology program. Devon is an animal lover, like most animal biology students, and has fallen in love with the University of Guelph campus. Devon has aspirations of continuing her time on the Guelph campus by pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, and took some time to share her experiences.

A Symposium for All: 7th Annual Animal Welfare Research Symposium

What once started as meeting for faculty and graduate students to share research results, techniques, and ideas, has now grown into a public symposium for anyone interested in advancements in animal welfare. On May 14th, the 7th Annual Animal Welfare Research Symposium took place at the University of Guelph.

New Leader Appointed for Teaching Excellence in OAC

Professor Andy Robinson has been appointed to a new coordinating role as the Professor in Teaching Excellence for the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) effective April 1, 2014.

Chloe outside with Eurpoean village behind her in the distance

Meet Chloe, Food Science Student

Chloe Van Acker is a first year student in the Food Science major of the Bachelor of Science program. She comes from a family of proud OAC graduates and is continuing the family tradition with her interest in food production and product development. Chloe gives us her "first year" perspective on what events to attend, where to eat on campus and where to hang out in Guelph.

The Loblaw’s Academy Partnership

Food safety is on the mind of most Canadian consumers. Knowing that your grocery store and all of its suppliers have been trained on food safety requirements and processes would be reassuring, right? Well, an innovative partnership between Loblaw Companies Limited and the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph is doing just that.

Todd holds fish in canoe, wearing life vest and striped shirt

Meet Todd, Ecology Student

Todd Hagedorn is in his third year of the B.Sc.(Env) Ecology major. He is enrolled in the co-op option of the major and has been enjoying the opportunity to gain field experience. As an outdoor enthusiast, the beautiful Guelph campus and community is a great fit for Todd. Read on to learn more about his experience as a student.

Valerie smiling, wearing a blue t-shirt outside

Meet Valerie, OAC Student

Valerie Freemantle is a third year student in the B.Sc.(Env.) program. She is in the co-op stream of the program and enjoys the variety that her courses provide. Read on to learn about some of her favourite places to hang out on campus and her favourite courses so far.

Alex wearing black and white top, outside in front of trees

Meet Alex, OAC Student

Meet Alex Robinson, a master's student who has a passion for the environment, animals and agriculture. Alex started at Guelph for her undergraduate degree and decided to stick around for her masters. Read below to find out why Alex loves the University of Guelph and the city of Guelph so much.

Jordan, wearing black tanktop, in front of green leaves

Meet Jordan, OAC Student

Jordan Eyamie came to OAC to expand her knowledge about fruit crops and agriculture. Since then, she has become an active member of the greater OAC and University of Guelph student community.

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