Al Lauzon presented a lecture “Rural Health, Rural Wellbeing: Three population Challenges” at UofW

On November 23, 2018, Professor Al Lauzon presented “Rural Health, Rural Wellbeing:  Three population Challenges” to the Graduate Seminar, School of Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo. His talk was built around three research projects. During his talk he explored three populations and current health challenges they face: rural youth, seniors and the precariously employed in rural areas.  

Consolidating Knowledge for Designing in High Seismic Risk Landscapes

Emily French, a recent graduate of the Master of Landscape Architecture program, has published her MLA research in the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. Her article is entitled Designing public open space to support seismic resilience: A systematic review. Emily co-authored this paper with Jeff Birchall (University of Alberta), Karen Landman (University of Guelph), and UofG associated graduate faculty member, Robert D. Brown (Texas A&M University).

LA Studio Vantage - Call for BLA and MLA Student Submissions

The students in the landscape architecture program are excited to begin collecting the amazing work from University of Guelph BLA and MLA students for our 2018/2019 edition of the Studio Vantage Journal. As we are nearing the end of the fall term, students should consider submitting excerpts of their final assignments and/or anything else that represents their hard work this term to the Studio Vantage team.

Dogs from Therapeutic Paws of Canada Visit SEDRD!

On Wednesday, November 14th, we were fortunate to have some special guests visit the School.  Ziggy and Milo, accompanied by their owners, provided enjoyment and relaxation to over 40 students. With the end of semester pressures of assignments and upcoming exams, a 15 minute visit with Milo and Ziggy offered a superb way to relax and take a study break.

New Publication: Examining the Role of Philanthropic Organizations in Rural Service Provision

What if communities had an alternative source of funds to facilitate service delivery? Could these funds compensate for the challenges confronted related to large distances and low densities? Would the chronic challenges of service-withdrawal from the abdication of provincial and federal governments be overcome? How would access to alternative funding change the dynamics of rural sustainability, if at all? These are the questions Dr. Ryan Gibson’s recent publication explores in the edited book “Service Provision and Rural Sustainability: Infrastructure and Innovation”.

New Publication: Evaluating the quality of municipal climate change plans in Canada

Dave Guyadeen, University of Guelph, Assistant Professor in Rural Planning and Development within SEDRD and his colleagues, Jason Thistlethwaite and Daniel Henstra (University of Waterloo), recently published their research on the quality of municipal climate change plans in Canada. The article, published in Climatic Changes, discusses the results from their plan quality evaluation of 63 climate change plans across Canada.

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