Our People

Head shot of Helen Hambly

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 53408

Email: hhambly@uoguelph.ca

Office: Johnston Hall, Room 109

Head shot of Martin Holland

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 58688

Email: martin.holland@uoguelph.ca

Office: Landscape Architecture, Room 146

Head shot of Jana Janakiram

Email: janakira@uoguelph.ca

Office: Johnston Hall, Room 001A

Harrison Jarmain

The accounting and administrative clerk is responsible for the purchasing and accounting services in SEDRD, including processing all expense claims, travel reimbursements for faculty and students and hourly payroll.  

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 58901

Email: sedrd.clerk@uoguelph.ca

Head shot of Sean Kelly

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 56870

Email: sean.kelly@uoguelph.ca

Office: Landscape Architecture, Room 101

Head shot of Karen Landman

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 53748

Email: klandman@uoguelph.ca

Office: Landscape Architecture, Room 105

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 53379

Email: allauzon@uoguelph.ca

Office: Johnston Hall, Room 110

Head shot of Sheri Longboat

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 52138

Email: slongboa@uoguelph.ca

Office: Landscape Architecture, Room 119

Zannah Matson standing in front of sand dunes

Email: zmatson@uoguelph.ca

Office: Landscape Architecture, Room 123

Head shot of Jenn McCreary

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 53353

Email: mccrearj@uoguelph.ca

Office: Landscape Architecture, Room 102A

Head shot of Cecelia Paine

Email: cpaine@uoguelph.ca

Office: Johnston Hall, Room 007

Headshot of Don Reid

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 53154

Email: dreid@uoguelph.ca

Office: Johnston Hall, Room 115

Head shot of Silvia Sarapura

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 56786

Email: sarapura@uoguelph.ca

Office: Landscape Architecture, Room 145

Head shot of Jim Shute

Phone: 519-822-3833

Email: jshute@uoguelph.ca

Head shot of Brendan Stewart

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 53483

Email: brendan.stewart@uoguelph.ca

Office: Landscape Architecture, Rm 117

Head shot of James Taylor

Email: jrtaylor@uoguelph.ca

Office: Johnston Hall, Room 007