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Making Links:  
The Semantic Web for Humanities Scholars - CANCELLED


Susan Brown        University of Guelph

Kim Martin         University of Guelph



Linked data is becoming an important part of the research process: whether it is being able to find information on the vast Semantic Web or to expose your own research data as linked data for others to be able to find. Libraries, museums, and heritage organizations are leading the charge, and this workshop will showcase how humanities scholars can get involved by introducing participants to the basics of linked data production on a small scale using tools with simple graphic user interfaces.


Participants will learn about the assessment and use of ontologies, as well as an introduction to data disambiguation (with OpenRefine) and how to link data to known LOD authorities. The course will make use of tools developed for LOD creation (CWRC, Recogito) and visualization (HuViz).



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