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Incorporating Elements of User Experience (UX)  - CANCELLED
Design into your DH Project


Stephanie L. Grimes        Ball State University

Ike Obi                 Ball State University



This course will introduce DH students to the principles of user experience (UX) design. We will explore the lifecycle of a digital project and how to incorporate elements of UX design into workflows in order to enhance the usability and effectiveness of online publications. Participants will learn: what UX is, what elements of it are particularly useful for digital publishing, and when to use these methodologies.

Throughout the week we will cover four specific UX methodologies:

  • Identifying target audience and mission statement
  • Creating user personas
  • Conducting usability research
  • Measuring and defining success

Our days will be broken into lectures, small group activities, and class discussions. The course will conclude with a summary of what we have done and tangible takeaways for participants to immediately begin incorporating UX into their digital projects.  Participants will receive information about what we have covered within the class and next steps for incorporating this knowledge into their work.



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