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Students Bolster Wikipedia’s Pet Nutrition Content with Science

Wikipedia’s reputation as a go-to source for information is clear in the English site’s statistics; it receives 7.7 billion page views per month, but is it a reputable source for information?

The information on pet nutrition is certainly much more credible today, thanks to Prof. Kate Shoveller’s pet nutrition class that gathered reputable information on 32 different pet nutrition topics for submission to the site.

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Meet Marnie, An Animal Science Student

Coming from a family of University of Guelph graduates, Marnie McKechnie was always encouraged to follow suit. Now in her third year of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture - Animal Science program, she loves the campus, classes and city as much as her family did before her.

Alternative Learning with Cow Inspired Choruses

Second semester of fourth year is a stressful time for undergraduate students. “In last week’s class you could feel the tension,” explains Prof. Vern Osborne from the Department of Animal and Poultry Science who is currently teaching the  Applied Environmental Physiology & Animal Housing course. Vern’s solution to a class full of stressed out fourth years was to mix up one of his class’ format to give them a break. In his March 12 class, he asked his students to become “Flash Mob Solvers”.


625 Ridgetown Campus Students

Walking around the Ridgetown Campus, it’s easy to meet first year students that are excited about their new learning environment and their possibilities for a future career in the agri-food industry. For the sixth consecutive year, it’s another strong enrolment at OAC’s Ridgetown Campus with agriculture diploma program enrolment the largest of all programs.  In fact, agriculture students are close to 50% of the total student body of 625 full-time students.

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