2021-2022 Student Federation Executive

Posted on Monday, January 17th, 2022

The Student Federation of the Ontario Agriculture College (SFOAC), is the official student government of OAC. They organize student activities and events while promoting OAC and class spirit. The executive for the 2021-2022 academic year is:

  • President: Kyle Farquharson
  • Vice President Internal: Kyle Nussey
  • Vice President External: Stephanie Fletcher
  • Secretary: Travis Shields
  • Treasurer: Patrick MacCarthy
  • Chairperson: Gord Milley
  • Public Relations Representative: Maggie-Jo Hickson
  • CSA Representative: Hudson Bell
  • B.Comm Representative: Corine Bateman
  • BSc. Agr./SERM Representative: Jonathan Koot
  • ABIO Representative: Stephen Dawoud
  • FOOD Representative: Eric Lee
  • B.Sc.(Env.) Representative: Avery Whyte
  • B.L.A Representative: Megan Haralovich
  • BBRM Representative: Rachel Chater
  • Graduate Student Representative: Kurtis Pilkington
  • OAC 2022 Representative: Emma Durnin
  • OAC 2023 Representative: Katie Pynenburg
  • OAC 2024 Representative: Karen Reymer
  • OAC 2025 Representative: Lucy McNiven

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