Feeding Indoor Cats Just Once a Day Could Improve Health

Got a cat that always seems hungry? New University of Guelph research suggests you might want to reduce — not increase — how often you feed them. Animal nutrition specialists in U of G’s Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) and Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) have found that feeding cats one large meal a day may help control hunger better than feeding them several times a day.

The research, published in the journal PLOS One, revealed that cats that ate one meal a day were more satisfied, which could result in less food-begging behaviour.

Agricultural Science Professors Working to Bring the Farm Home

It’s not often that miniature donkeys are part of a class lecture, but Prof. Andy Robinson of the University of Guelph’s Department of Animal Biosciences hopes they will be this year.

Robinson, who teaches several introductory and advanced animal and plant biosciences courses, plans to stand in the fields of his hobby farm where he raises miniature donkeys while he conducts live videoconference lectures with students.

Bringing horse communities together during COVID-19

This summer, a team of undergraduate research assistants created the Equine Information Source (EIS) to support equine communities across Canada as they adapt to COVID-19.

“Living through this pandemic has been hard for a lot of people, and the media has done its part in documenting the hardships of those in our community, but our team wants to share the positive stories and changes that have emerged from this,” shares Amanda St-Onge, one of the students working on the project.

ICTs and Social Media: Tools for Agricultural Extension in the Caribbean Region

Funding for the creation of this article was provided by the W.S. (Stan) Young Memorial Communications Grant through the OAC Alumni Foundation.


Like many other industries, the agri-food industry has potential to become stronger and more sustainable when information flows freely. A local food supply chain includes and relies on many players – primary producers, government agencies, food safety departments, transport and distribution links, consumers and much more.

Student Perspective: Tips for Finding your Work/School/Life Balance

Finding a healthy balance when it comes to work, school and life can be difficult. This is something I have personally struggled with in the past, and honestly, I still find myself a little unsure of how to plan out my days and sift through all my to-do’s without completely overwhelming myself. 

Student Perspective: 5 Budgeting and Saving Tips for Student Life

As a university student, managing your finances should not be something to fear. Many students living away from home for the first time are susceptible to overspending and losing track of where exactly their funds are going. 

In my opinion, our university years should be a financial training ground, preparing us for a lifetime of wise spending and budgeting habits. However, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the budgeting learning curve that is unique to each of us as we discover what works and what doesn’t. 

Student Perspective: Tips for Finding off Campus Housing in Guelph

If you’re anything like me, you have a plan to live on campus for one year, and then transition to off campus housing. It’s important to know that the process of looking for housing is different for each student. 

There are some students who are lucky enough to be invited to live with someone who’s done all the heavy lifting in finding the perfect student home. Or you might be the student doing the heavy lifting – searching for, finding, and sealing the deal on the perfect student home. 

Urban Dwellers’ Exposure to Extreme Heat to Increase

Climate change researchers have long warned that temperatures will increase in future due to growing greenhouse gas emissions, but for urban dwellers, climate change is only part of the problem.

New University of Guelph research, by Prof. Scott Krayenhoff from U of G‘s School of Environmental Sciences, finds urbanization will lead to even more city residents being exposed to extreme heat under a business-as-usual climate change scenario.

Student Perspective: How to Pass Introductory Micro- and Macro-economics

Believe me, I know that studying for economics can sometimes feel like a drag. 

In my first semester of University I struggled to understand much of the economic concepts and found it difficult to properly apply the theory to correctly answer questions for homework assignments and quizzes. 

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