2021 Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards Presented

Posted on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

The annual OAC Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards were presented at the virtual "OAC Welcome Back Event" held on September 23, 2021. These staff awards recognize excellent work performance, willingness to help others, contributions toward the betterment of workplace operations, and efforts in making OAC a better place to work overall. The recipients of these awards are nominated by their colleagues. Congratulations to all recipients!

New this year, OAC presented an Outstanding Student Staff Recognition Award. Student employees greatly contribute to the college’s success in achieving national and international impact through teaching, research, and service.

The inaugural recipient is:

E’layna Baker; Summer Communications Intern, OAC Dean’s Office.
E’layna is described as a creative, caring, and passionate individual who is a highly skilled communicator and leader. One of E’layna’s nominators had this to say:

“E’layna is such an intelligent and innovative individual. Her creativity and kindness are immeasurable. She never backs down from a challenge and her work is always top notch. She has shown so much growth in her time with OAC and the future looks bright with leaders like E’layna joining the food and agricultural industry.”

Staff recipients with under 10 years of service

Carleigh Johnston; Liaison Manager, OAC Dean’s Office.
Carleigh is described as a strategic thinker, personable, inspiring, and an empathetic leader who delights in hearing and celebrating the successes of others in OAC. One of Carleigh’s nominators had this to say:

“Carleigh is always thinking of creative and innovative ways to strategically recruit students for OAC programs while establishing and maintaining a positive and effective working relationship with members of our community.”

Fernanda Petronel (Svaikauskas); Senior Technical Associate, Department of Food Science.
Fernanda is known as a dedicated technician who creates a welcoming, supportive environment for our graduate students, staff, and faculty. She is described as highly motivated, very dedicated, and passionate about health and safety in the department. One of Fernanda’s nominators had this to say:

“Fernanda is one of the most devoted people I know who doesn't miss a chance to help students. She puts her 100% into her work and everyone in the department relies on her skills and technical assistance.”

Staff recipients with over 10 years of service

Jo-Anne Scarrow; Director's Assistant, School of Environmental Sciences.
Jo-Anne is known by her colleagues as a consistent “go to” person for guidance and knowledge. She is described as dedicated, always helpful, and having a fun, energetic presence. One of Jo-Anne's nominators had this to say:

“Jo-Anne has been a pillar of the School of Environmental Sciences for many years and the departments success in running smoothly is in large part due to her support behind the scenes. Her dedication and professionalism never waver, regardless of the question being asked or the person asking.”

Tom Smith; Dry Bean Breeding Research Technician, Department of Plant Agriculture.
Tom is known for his passion and dedication to the department. He takes great pride in his work and is considered the go-to person who is readily offering a helping hand to others. One of Tom's nominators had this to say:

“Tom creates a fun and welcoming environment where students become engaged and feel they are truly contributing to the betterment of our program.”

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