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Krysta holds a white hen.

Developing Practice to Support Policy

It’s a long way from Scarborough, Ontario to Auchincruive, Scotland - over 5,000 km. For Krysta Morrissey, a PhD candidate in the Department of Animal Biosciences, not only was it a long journey, but it was also a long time in the making.

Unbeknownst to Krysta, she set out on a path to Scotland, several years prior to her travel dates, when she began working in Prof. Tina Widowski’s lab as an undergrad.

Burnbrae Farms Ensures Commitment to Poultry Welfare in Canada

Burnbrae Farms has gifted $500,000 to the University of Guelph to establish the Burnbrae Farms Professorship in Poultry Welfare, a tenure track position in the Department of Animal and Poultry Science. Dr. Alexandra Harlander will assume this position and serve the poultry industry with her insights on animal welfare and behavior in all poultry species. 

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