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The McIntosh Family: Investing in Agriculture

Whether they’re scrambled, boiled, fried or whipped into an omelette, eggs are a favourite staple of the Canadian diet. Over 1,000 egg farmers contribute $1.4 billion to Canada’s GDP every year, but how often does the average Canadian think about what goes into producing an egg?

Investing in Agriculture: The Klosler Family

For hundreds of years, generations of the Klosler family worked off the land in Transylvania, Romania; growing fruit, making wine and raising livestock. In 1921, shortly after the end of WWI, George Klosler’s grandfather came to Canada to earn money for his family. He always planned to return home, but the onset of the Great Depression and WWII prevented him from making the trip he longed for. He continued to work on a tobacco farm in Norfolk County, Ontario with his family a continent away.

New Professor in Beef Genomics

The Department of Animal and Poultry Science is pleased to announce Dr. Angela Canovas as the new Beef/Small Ruminant Genomics Professor beginning June 15, 2015.

Investing in Agriculture: The McCracken Family

Upon arriving at the McCracken family home in Scotland, Ontario, we are greeted by their standard schnauzer named Fritz. Friendly, regal and a big part of the family; little did we know how Fritz would play a part in our story. Ron and Doreen McCracken both grew up on farms, and still feel at home in the country today. Their current residence, built in 1993, has some 48 acres. A neighbour farms a portion of the land with the remaining set aside for hobby farming, their garden and a place for Fritz to roam. Ron has kept bees, raised geese and ducks, and even guinea hens, but today he enjoys retirement after a long and interesting career.

Lauren wearing red and a white and black scarf, trees behind her

Meet Lauren, Agriculture Student

Lauren Benoit is active in almost "everything OAC". She enthusiastically volunteers her time with various clubs and associations on campus and still has time to explore the sights of Guelph. Lauren's summer job as a field researcher assistant expanded her passion for agriculture, and she hopes to continue her education in the area of plant agriculture.  

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