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Belize and Beyond: Lara-Nicole Cochrane's Ridgetown Experience

Posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2024

Lara-Nicole Cochrane smiling and taking a selfie with children behind her.

Agriculture diploma graduate Lara-Nicole Cochrane chose the U of G Ridgetown Campus program for its strength in agri-food, hands-on learning, and close-knit community vibe. She packed a lot into her 2-year program, including collaborating with experts from the agronomy sector on new research, participating in an experiential learning trip to Belize, being an RA and tackling important topics related to EDI. Her favorite experience was being a residence assistant, supporting new students on move-in day.

Learn more about her Ridgetown experience in this Q&A:

Name: Lara-Nicole Cochrane
Hometown: London, ON
Program: Associate Diploma in Agriculture at Ridgetown Campus 

Why did you choose Ridgetown for your diploma?

I chose Ridgetown Campus for the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture of agriculture and for the hands-on learning opportunities. The small class sizes and close connections with professors made for a truly unique educational experience.  

What accomplishment are you most proud of while studying at Ridgetown?

The accomplishment that I am most proud of while being at Ridgetown is being the student Issues Executive on Ridgetown Campus's Student Council. While in this position, I helped to form the new constitution which will lead the way for future student council members.  Also, I created and distributed Ridgetown Campus's equity, diversity and inclusion survey that helped improve the student experience for students from diverse backgrounds. Finally, I created and hosted Ridgetown Campus's first ever International Women's Day panel where we welcomed back 7 alumni to answer questions about their experiences as women in their respective fields.

Lara-Nicole Cochrane smiling for the camera with a butterfly sitting on her finger.

What is one piece of advice for a student thinking about attending Ridgetown next fall?

Get involved with campus events! You have two years at Ridgetown Campus, so make the most out of the time! My studies in the corn and oilseed course at Ridgetown have allowed me to connect with experts in agri-food, including a soybean specialist from the Ontario Ministry. Together we have been collaborating on editing the soybean section of the agronomy guide. I have also taken on formatting other sections of the agronomy guide for other specialists. I also had the opportunity to travel to Belize as part of an experiential learning course. We explored local farms (like a tilapia farm), feed mills and experienced the culture! It was a great experience to see the world and learn something new.

What was your best experience at U of G's Ridgetown Campus?

My best experience at U of G's Ridgetown Campus was being a residence assistant and welcoming and supporting incoming first year students into residence on move in day.

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