Environmental Sciences Welcomes New Prof

Posted on Friday, June 5th, 2015

The School of Environmental Sciences (SES) is pleased to announce Dr. James Longstaffe has been appointed to a tenure track position effective June 15, 2015. He will join the School as an assistant professor.

“We are thrilled to have such an innovative and enthusiastic scientist joining SES, and expect exciting new collaborations to develop around James’ work,” says Jon Warland, Interim Director of the School of Environmental Sciences.  

In his position, Longstaffe will work to further understand the role that soils and other geological materials play in the persistence, transport and ecological impact of chemicals, including contaminants and nutrients, in the environment.  

"Environmental science is perhaps the most interdisciplinary and collaborative of scientific fields,” states Longstaffe. “Joining the School of Environmental Sciences provides me an exciting and enriching environment in which to further my research program, and participate in the training, teaching and mentoring of students.”

Longstaffe completed his PhD in environmental chemistry at the University of Toronto in October 2012 working in the area of soil contamination chemistry. His research involves the development and application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance methods to investigate chemicals in the environment.

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