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Three Alumni to be Inducted into Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame

Posted on Monday, February 13th, 2023

Three of this year's Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame inductees are OAC alumni. The inductees will be recognized in a ceremony on June 11, 2023. Congratulations to all.

Dale Cowan - OAC Classes of  1975A and 1979

Dale is a widely respected leader in Ontario agriculture with a career of over 40 years. A Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) since 1997, he has advised growers of numerous crops, has mentored many new CCAs and has reviewed crop recommendations spanning 275,000 acres. Through his extensive volunteer activities, Dale has become the “go to” person when it comes to associations and government looking for an agronomist to provide balanced, science-based and practical input.  He is known for his exploration of the newest technology and has also been instrumental in the development and promotion of sustainable agronomy and precision farming practices through Ontario. 

Dr. Richard Frank - OAC Class of 1965, PhD ’68

Richard (1928-2021) will be forever associated with sound pesticide use. He co-created and was director of the first pesticide testing lab in Ontario. Beginning in the mid-1960s and until his retirement from government, Dr. Frank authored more than 100 scientific papers, providing valuable scientific data and understanding on the occurrence, fate and risks of pesticide residues in Ontario agriculture. He worked to both study and improve access to pesticides while ensuring that his priorities related to protecting the environment as well as producer and crop safety were considered before any recommendations were made. In the 1970s, when Ontario’s horticultural producers were faced with pest control problems, Dr. Frank’s lab provided critical pesticide residue data that allowed federal authorities to grant uses. The Minor Use Program later grew into the world-recognized entity that it is today. 

Doug Wagner - OAC Class of 1974

Doug has contributed to Ontario’s agriculture and food industry through his work with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Ontario Seed Growers’ Association, the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association and Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. These organizations have endured for many years and continue to grow in strength. Through a number of organizations, he has developed numerous young agricultural leaders, established new programs for educational and networking venues for farmers, and advanced opportunities to showcase innovative technologies to producers, businesspeople and government decision makers. Described as an “effective people person”, his successful leadership is grounded in his ability to work with staff, volunteers, government bureaucrats, politicians, and clients. 

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