OSAP Dates & Deadlines

Apply for OSAP as early as possible

The OSAP funding year starts each September. You must start a new OSAP application for each new school year. Your OSAP application must match your academic year. For example, if you will be studying full time for fall & winter, then you will start a fall/winter application.

Typically, the new OSAP application is available on the OSAP website by April or May each year for the upcoming fall semester. We recommend that you fully complete your OSAP application at least 8 weeks before the start of your study term. This will help ensure that your funding is processed in time for the payment deadline and for the start of your school year.

Your signature pages and all supporting documents can be submitted online through your OSAP account. Your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) can also be completed online. Refer to these instructions for completing the MSFAA.

You should check the status of your application on the OSAP website to confirm that all documents have been submitted and processed.

These dates are important. It is your responsibility to complete your OSAP applications promptly, and submit any required paperwork on time.

Description of date/deadline Summer 2023 Fall/Winter Fall Only Winter Only
Semester dates May 11, 2023 - Aug 16, 2023 Sept 7, 2023 - April 23, 2024 Sept 7, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023 Jan 8, 2024 - April 23, 2024
Start applying for OSAP March, 2023* May, 2023 May, 2023* Oct, 2023*
Last day to apply June 17 (for Aug 16 end date) Feb 22, 2024 Oct 16, 2023 Feb 22, 2024
Deadline for signature pages and supporting documents July 7, 2023 March 14, 2024 Nov 5, 2023 March 14, 2024
Last day to appeal/review July 7, 2023 March 14, 2024 Nov 5, 2023 March 14, 2024

DVM students, please note: your OSAP dates and deadlines will differ from those in the above table. Please contact the Financial Aid office at finaid@uoguelph.ca for more information.

OSAP Part-time Application Deadlines (less than 50% course load**)

Semester Deadline Date
Summer 2023 July 7, 2023 (for Aug 16 end date)
Fall 2023 November 5, 2023
Winter 2024 March 14, 2024

*If you have a full-time OSAP application for the current year and wish to add a term, in which you will be registered in a minimum of 1.5 credits** (or 1.0 credits** or more for students with a permanent disability), please contact the Financial Aid office at finaid@uoguelph.ca or complete the Summer OSAP Extension Form if you'd like to add the summer semester. A term may be added to your existing OSAP application; you should not start a new application.

**When calculating course load for OSAP purposes, Co-op work term credits are not included.