Frequently Asked Questions – OSAP

When do I apply for OSAP?

The OSAP funding year starts each year with the fall semester in September. Students must start a new OSAP application for each funding year. The on-line OSAP application for the new funding year is usually ready by early May on the OSAP website. To ensure your funding is ready before you start your studies, we encourage you to apply for OSAP at least 6-8 weeks before the start of your study term. For a complete list of OSAP deadline dates, please visit the OSAP web site.

Where do I submit my signature pages and other supporting documentation?

Signature pages (and most supporting documents) only need to be submitted with your first OSAP application. They will remain valid for your entire academic career, unless there is a break of two years or more in your studies. You can upload your signature pages on the OSAP website. If you cannot upload your documents, you may mail them to Student Financial Services, University of Guelph, 50 Stone Road East, 3rd Level, University Centre, Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1.

What is Supporting Documentation?

Sometimes additional information is required to verify the information on your application. For example: copies of marriage certificates, divorce papers, permanent resident cards, academic probation letters, etc. If you have any questions on what is required, please contact Student Financial Services at 519-824-4120 x58715 or email

What is the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA)?

The Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement is a multi-year loan agreement. Your loan provider is the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC). The NSLSC processes all OSAP funding on behalf of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. Like signature pages, the MSFAA only needs to be completed the first year you receive OSAP. The MSFAA can be completed online. Refer to these instructions for completing the MSFAA.

How do I apply for Summer OSAP?

If you have an OSAP application for fall and/or winter, you will use an OSAP extension form to add the summer session. Forms are available from the Student Financial Services (SFS) office, and on the SFS website in mid-March. Visit the OSAP section on our forms page.

What course load do I need to take to be considered for OSAP?

You must be enrolled in at least 60% course load (1.5 credits each semester) to apply for full-time OSAP.

I have a permanent disability, what course load do I need for OSAP?

Student with disabilities are eligible for full-time OSAP if they are enrolled in a course load of at least 40% (1.0 credit each semester). Students taking a 40% course load are also eligible to apply for part-time OSAP. Therefore, you will have a choice of full or part-time OSAP funding if you are taking a 40% load. You can apply online for full or part-time OSAP.  

What if I am taking less than 60% course load?

If you are a part-time student taking less than 60% course load you can apply for the Part-time Canada Student Loan

What do I do if my OSAP is zero or I did not receive funding that I was expecting?

You may visit the Student Financial Services office on the 3rd floor, UC and ask one of the staff members to review your OSAP account with you. You may also call our office at 519-824-4120, extension 58715 or email to set up an appointment with a Financial Aid Counsellor.

How much OSAP do I have and how is it issued?

You can refer to your online OSAP account on the OSAP website to see how much OSAP you will receive. OSAP loans are typically issued in two installments; 60% in the fall semester and the remaining 40% in the winter semester. Grants are issued separately, so don't be surprised if you see a loan portion issued one day, followed by your grants in the following days.

How do I reset my password for OSAP?

Visit the OSAP log in page and click on the link for Forgot OAN and /or Password. The web site will guide you in resetting your password.

What is a Confirmation of Enrollment?

The University of Guelph starts confirming student enrollments electronically the week before the start of each study period. If the status on your OSAP account shows 'Confirmation of Enrollment', that means that OSAP is waiting for the University to confirm your enrollment for the next installment of your OSAP funding. You must be registered in your courses before the University can confirm your enrollment.

What is a Confirmation of Interest-Free Status (CIFS) Form?

Full-Time Students:

If you are not receiving OSAP, but are a full-time student for the current study period and have previous OSAP loans, you must submit a request to maintain interest-free status. You must request interest-free status for each semester you are in school full time but not receiving OSAP, including co-op terms.

Part-Time Students:

While you are in school, you are not required to make part-time loan payments but interest will accumulate on your loan. If the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) is not advised that you are continuing your studies, you will be asked to start repayment of your loans. To ensure that you remain payment free while you continue your studies, please submit a Schedule 2 form. The form is available online, or may be picked up at the Student Financial Services office. Note: If you are taking full-time OSAP, but have previous part-time loans, it is important to submit your Schedule 2 to keep your part-time loans payment free.

Where do I submit the Confirmation of Interest-Free Status (CIFS) or Schedule 2 Form?

For OSAP loans, students may log into their account on the OSAP website and submit the form electronically. Alternatively, you can bring the completed form to Student Financial Services, 3rd Floor, University Centre, or fax it to 519-823-9421. Out-of-province students should consult their home province's government aid website for specific information, and may visit Student Financial Services for a Schedule 2, interest-free form (please bring your government-issued photo identification).

It is best to bring the form at the start of your study period. Please note that forms cannot be processed if they are submitted later than 21 days before the end of your study period.

What do I do if I reported my income incorrectly on my OSAP application?

You will be asked to confirm your income on the OSAP website during your study period. (You may also contact Student Financial Services to complete an income change form.) You must report all external income, including part-time and work-study jobs. It is important that you report your income promptly. Delay in reporting income may result in reduced eligibility for further aid. Please note that you may not make further changes to your income after the study period has ended.

Do I need to report my scholarships and/or bursaries from the University of Guelph on my OSAP application?

No, Student Financial Services will report University of Guelph scholarships and/or bursaries (excluding GTA and GRA) on your behalf. However, you must report any scholarship and/or bursary funding that you receive from an external source (other than the University of Guelph).

I am a graduate student. How do I report my departmental funding including GRAs, GTAs?

You must report all your GRA, GTA and work study earnings to OSAP. You may complete the on-line income update, or visit Student Financial Services and ask for an OSAP income change form. It is very important to update your earnings before the end of your study period. Failure to update earnings can result in OSAP overpayments or restrictions.

What if I change my income after I complete my on-line Income Update?

If you have completed the on-line Income Update and you have further changes, you may visit Student Financial Services, 3rd Level, University Centre, or email and ask for an OSAP income change form.

What happens if I drop courses?

If you drop a course(s) your OSAP funding could be reduced, or you might lose eligibility for further funding. You might also be placed on OSAP probation or restriction. Contact Student Financial Services before you make any course load changes. Phone: 519-824-4120, extension 58715, or email

What happens to my tuition refund if I am on OSAP?

Pursuant to Ministry regulations, any tuition or fee refund will be returned to the National Student Loan Service Centre.

What is OSAP academic progress?

Students must maintain a minimum academic standard to remain eligible for OSAP. Students with full-time OSAP funding must successfully complete at least 60% of a full course load (1.5 credits per semester), while students with a permanent disability must successfully complete 40% of a full course load (1.0 credit per semester) to avoid OSAP academic penalties.  Dropping or withdrawing from a course does not count as successful completion of the course. For further information, please visit the academic progress section of our OSAP Eligibility web page.

What is the Ontario Student Opportunity Grant (OSOG)?

Starting in Fall 2017, the Ontario Student Opportunity Grant (OSOG) was consolidated with other grants to form the Ontario Student Grant. All loans issued before the 2017-18 funding year will still be eligible for OSOG. The OSOG program forgives loan amounts in excess of a threshold set by the Ministry. This process is performed automatically by OSAP, and the payments are sent directly to the NSLSC to pay down your loan principal. OSOG payments are issued to you the year after your OSAP funds were issued, and OSAP has verified all income (including parents and spouses) with Canada Revenue Agency. You can check your eligibility by accessing your online OSAP account. To check for OSOG payments, log on to your NSLSC account and check your loan statement. OSAP overpayments, withdrawing from your courses, and OSAP academic restrictions will all negatively impact your OSOG eligibility.

How do I apply for OSAP if I withdrew from my first semester and want to return in the second semester?

If you withdrew, or dropped to part-time status during your first semester, then you must reinstate your OSAP application by completing the Change to Study Period or Program form and submitting it to Student Financial Services, 3rd Floor, University Centre. You may have incurred an OSAP academic penalty because of your withdrawal, and may be asked to write a letter of explanation, and provide supporting documentation. If you have any questions about your status, please contact Student Financial Services at 519-824-4120 x58715 or email

Should I apply for OSAP during my co-op work term?

Normally co-op students do not qualify for OSAP during a work term because of their earnings. However, you may qualify for living expenses if you are on a volunteer work term.

Do I need to do anything with OSAP during my co-op work term?

Yes, if you are not applying for OSAP, you must complete a Continuation of Interest-Free Status form to maintain the interest-free status on your OSAP loans. Apply for interest-free status on the OSAP website, or bring the completed form to the Student Financial Services, 3rd Floor, University Centre for processing at the start of your co-op work term. You can also fax the completed form to 519-823-9421.