New Students & Parents

Welcome to the University of Guelph. Please see the helpful information and the checklist below that Student Financial Services has prepared to assist new students and their parents.

OSAP applications:

Parents are an important part of the OSAP process and should be on hand to provide information and assist the student. However, please make sure that the student completes their own OSAP application. Serious misunderstandings and errors can occur when students do not fill out their own applications.

OSAP questions:

In order for us to answer parents' questions about their child's OSAP, we first need to have the student's consent. Students may grant consent on their OSAP application to enable us to answer their parents' OSAP questions.

Student Accounts questions:

The University of Guelph also has a form that allows us to release student account information to parents. Students may log in to WebAdvisor and locate "Release of Financial Information" under "Financial Information" in the menu on the left-hand side.

First Year Financial Check List 2024-25

June – August:

  • Get a summer job and save some money for the upcoming year.

  • Residence application and $750 deposit due by June 3, 2024. Visit the Student Housing website for further information.

  • Apply (early) for OSAP on the OSAP website.
    (You should submit your OSAP application at least six weeks before you start school in September.)

  • Upload your signed Declaration and Signature pages to the OSAP website.

  • If you do not have one, open a bank account in your name; you will need your bank account number for your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) for OSAP.

  • Complete your MSFAA online.

  • Bills for fall tuition and fees are posted in the "Account View" section of WebAdvisor in late July. Log in to see your student fee statement for the upcoming semester.

  • Your registration deposit of $200 is due August 9.

September - December:

  • Fall tuition payment is due September 13. Log in to WebAdvisor and go to "Account View" to see your fee statement. Remember that the University of Guelph charges by the semester. This payment is for fall only.

  • If you have performed all the OSAP steps on time, 60% of your OSAP funding should be released the first week of September; the other 40% is released in the winter semester.

  • In-course bursary and Work Study applications are due October 7. Read more about in-course bursaries and the Work Study Program.


  • Winter tuition is due January 10, 2025. Check your fee statement on WebAdvisor under "Account View."

  • The final 40% of your OSAP will be released. Make sure you have registered in your winter classes early. Your OSAP cannot be released if you are not enrolled.


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