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MA outcomes

We list the initial outcomes, that is, what students went on to do right after completing their MA with us, as well as present occupation (where we know it).

Year of completion Thesis/Guided Research Project title Initial outcome Current occupation
2005 “The deficiencies of the materialist/functionalist interpretation of Aristotle's notion of psyche PhD program, Wilfrid Laurier U Junior Auditor, Connolly, Inc.; instructor at Brock University
2005 “The risk assessment process, values, and evidence” PhD program, Michigan State U PhD student, Michigan State U; Research Assistant, A&L, Michigan State U
2005 “A natural right to private property? An examination of Leo Strauss”   Journalist
2005 “Plagiarism: a philosophical analysis of property, theft and deception” PhD program, University of Guelph  
2005 “Difficulties surrounding the apologetic use of worldview in contemporary Calvinist scholarship” PhD program, Institute for Christian Studies (Toronto) Taught at Luther College at the University of Regina (2011-12)
2005 “Towards a capabilities theory of rights” PhD program, Western University Completing PhD, contract lecturer at Lakehead University
2005 “Tacit knowledge and practical action: Polanyi, Hacking, Heidegger and the tacit dimension” International Development at the IPMP program at Humber College Public speaker, consultant, founder of
2006 “The role of space in Deleuze's ontology of difference” PhD program, Western University PhD program, Western University
2006 “Globalization & the future of the nation-state: an examination of competing theories of international law” Research analyst, Government of Ontario Business Development Manager, Maple Forest Marketing, UK
2006 “The body-subject as an ambiguous, conditioned freedom: the subject and freedom in Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Perception PhD program, University of Guelph PhD program, University of Guelph
2006 “The inorganic life of assemblages: Deleuze and Guattari's The geology of morals Regional sales representative for Broadview Publishing Vice President, Broadview Press, Guelph Office
2006 “Heidegger and Dōgen: poetic language and the pre-ethical beginnings of practice” Lecturer, Ontario College of Art & Design Lecturer, and Co-Director of the Irish Institute of Japanese Studies, University College Cork (Ireland)
2007 “Exploring charm and its moral implications for relationship ethics” PhD program, University of Guelph PhD program, University of Guelph
2007 “The point at which the Canadian same-sex marriage policy should be beyond deliberation” PhD program (Critical Disability Studies), York U Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences, U of Ontario Institute of Technology
2007 “Inertia of the negative: the generic set in Alain Badiou's Being and Event PhD program, Boston College  
2007 “Technology, Communication and Western Pluralistic Democracies" PhD program, U of Victoria PhD program, U of Victoria
2008 “A Formulation of Jonasian metabolic ontology and an argument for technology as an ectosomatic metabolite”   Research Assistant, NRG Research Group
2008 “Striving for eudaimonia: friendship and the cultivation of character in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics PhD program, SUNY Stony Brook PhD program, SUNY Stony Brook
2008 “Monism disguised: scientific pluralism in Philip Kitcher’s Modest Realism” PhD program, York U PhD program, York U
2008 “Who gets priority? Examining the external role of wait times in accessing health care in Canada” PhD program, McMaster U PhD program, McMaster U
2008 “Art as an intentional object or generative performance: investigating the ontologies of Roman Ingarden and David Davies” Music journalism Technical Editor, Research in Motion; Writer at Resident Advisor; writer at PopMatters
2008 “Latour and Social Constructivism: Problems in Taking One More Turn After the Social Turn" Applying to doctoral programs Doctoral program at the University of Western Ontario
2009 “Truth, experience, and the work of art: an interpretation of Heidegger's notion of truth in the age of enframing” Doctoral program at the University of Ottawa  
2009 “On the concept of intentional being” Doctoral program at McMaster University Doctoral program at McMaster University
2009 “Gadamer’s fusion of horizons and intercultural interpretation” Doctoral program at the University of Guelph Doctoral program at the University of Guelph
2009 “Theories of possible worlds” Doctoral program at Boston College  
2009 “Against instrumentalism”    
2009 “Truth, Experience, and the Work of Art: An Interpretation of Heidegger's Notion of Truth in the Age of Enframing"    
2009 “” Applying to doctoral programs Doctoral program at York University
2010 “Grappling with the question 'What is the political Subject?' through the transindividual” Doctoral program at York University Doctoral program at York University
2010 “Analogy as the core of consciousness” Doctoral program in cognitive science, University of Hawaii Senior Data Scientist (California)
2010 “From desire to conscience: an examination of the essential role that conscience plays in the fulfillment of human desire” Doctoral program at the University of Kentucky Sessional Instructor, Thompson Rivers University
2010 “Cosmetic surgery through feminist and cultural narratives: shifting the focus toward account-giving within doctor-patient relationality” Law school at York University Law school at York University
2010 “” Doctoral program at Villanova University Eastern Michigan University (TT)
2010 “Toward a Levinasian politics of the animal” Doctoral program at the University of Guelph Doctoral program at the University of Guelph
2011 “On the concept of the gene from Mendel to personalized genomics” Doctoral program at the University of Leeds (UK)  
2011 “Welcoming the Other" Encouragement in Education" Personal painting business  
2011 “Work proper: a psychoanalytic 'reinvention' of Marxist labour”    
2011 “The ethics of insults” Sales Representative for publishing company Consultant for grantmaking organizations  
2011 “The moral value of literature: defending a Diamondian realist approach”    
2011 “A case for decision-maker based justification of environmental policy” Researcher, Conservation Authority Coordinator, Ethics Centre, University of Sudbury
2012 "The Path to Legitimacy: The Human Right to Free Movement and International Borders" Working at a restaurant Started a PhD program in Fall 2014
2013 "Physicalism and Its Prospects" Doctoral Program at King's College (UK)  
2013 "Words or Worlds: The Metaphysics within Kuhn's Picture of Science" Worked in Administration Started a PhD program at University of South Carolina
2013 "Theology as the limit of science: Anaximander's discovery of metaphysics and the Milesian concept of divinity" Doctoral program at McGill University  
2013 "A Defence of the Life of Philosophy: An Interpretation of Plato's Apology" Doctoral program at the University of Ottawa  
2014 "A Heideggarian Reconciliation of Theories of Emotion" Graduate Teaching Assistant at Toronto university Research Assistant, King's University College
2014 "Understanding Freedom and Responsibility Through Recognizing One Another" Working in family business Starting a small business


"Shame and the Self: An Exploration of Self-Knowledge and Emotional Engagement" Pursue music  
2016 "What are Future Humans Really Owed? Climate Change, Democracy and the Right to Justification" Interpreter and Translator, Chile  
2016 "A Foucauldian Critique of Fricker's Allocation of Blame and the Proposal of a Genealogical Resentment of Disappointment" Test Technician, ResearchLink, Office of Research, University of Guelph Research Ethics Officer, Simon Fraser University
2016 "Does Art Bring Us Together? An Empirical Approach to the Evolutionary Aesthetics of Ellen Dissanayake" Freelance Writer Started a PhD program in Fall 2017
2018 "Philosophical definition of freedom as opportunity sets" Legal Assistant  
2018 "On Becoming a Nomad Scientist" Started a PhD program in 2019  
2018 "A Critical Analysis of Chalmers' Theory of Conceivability" Entered Legal Assistant/Paralegal program at Seneca College  
2018 "Neoaristotelian Ethics/Workplace Democracy/A Recommendation" Translation Consultant  
2019 "A Trade-Off Analysis of the Normative Values of Deliberative Democracy" Senior Policy Advisor  
2019 "Cruelty and Callousness in Virtue Ethics: Why the Virtuous Agent Acts Well Towards Animals" Brown University - Master of Public Administration    
2020 "Public Space and the Limits of Liberalism" Broadview Press, Inside Sales Representative  
2020 "Myth and Mysticism in Plato's Phaedo" Started a PhD program  
2020 "Developing Social Robots for the Future" Started a PhD program