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Our MA Program


Our MA program provides you with the professional skills needed to flourish within or outside academia. The MA can be pursued as preparation for a PhD, but need not be: Graduates from our MA program have entered high-quality PhD programs as well as pursuing careers in non-academic fields; see our MA outcomes page.

Our MA program has two streams, a one-year coursework-based program and a two-year program involving an orally-defended thesis. For the one-year program we typically offer three semesters of funding (Fall, Winter and Summer) and for the two-year program we typically offer four semesters of funding (two Falls and Winters); and there are additional funding opportunities.

What our MA programs look like:

One-year MA:

Take the (two-semester) MA Seminar
Take at least 5 additional Philosophy graduate courses
Take the Major Research Project in Philosophy course, producing a graded paper of about 8,000 words 

Two-year MA:

Take the (two-semester) MA Seminar
Take at least 3 additional Philosophy graduate courses
Write a thesis of about 25,000 words and successfully defend it at an Oral Examination

We give our MA students teaching opportunities:

Our biggest courses all have tutorial components--as a teaching assistant for those classes, you get the opportunity to run your own weekly tutorial classes with undergrads. The department will provide you with lots of resources to help you out with any questions you might have about preparing and teaching your tutorial classes in the form of workshops, faculty mentoring, and MA seminar discussions. 

We also offer interdisciplinary options:

We have options for our graduate students to explore interdisciplinary avenues of research. Graduate students are free to take courses outside of philosophy and a number of our students have availed themselves of this opportunity. We also offer a collaborative program at the MA and PhD levels with International Development Studies (please see below for information about this program).

How to Apply:

Doing the program:


Interdisciplinary PhD in Collaborative International Development Studies (IDS)

The Philosophy MA or PhD can be combined with an IDS collaborative specialization. This offers an interdisciplinary framework for the study of international development that combines training in a selected academic discipline with exposure to a broad range of social science perspectives. In addition to Philosophy program course requirements, students take: 

  • For the MA: "IDS Seminar" (IDEV 6100) and one course from each core area: Sociology/Anthropology, Geography, Economics and Political Science
  • For the PhD: "Theories and Debates in Development" (IDEV 6800) and "Developmental Research and Practice" (IDEV 6850)

Please visit the IDS website for more information.