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Scholarships and Financial Aid

We are very proud of our program and we offer competitive financial offers to incoming graduate students

We will specify the full amount of your funding, including awards, in the offer letter we send to successful applicants.

On this page, you will find information about external  and internal awards for our graduate students. As well, The Office of Graduate Studies at Guelph also provides information on financial planning and aid for your graduate studies.Please see their Funding Graduate Studies page for  more information.

External Awards and University of Guelph Awards

SSHRC and OGS are two of the main sources of external funding for graduate students in Philosophy. If you would like more information about these, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies government-funded awards page.

The Office of Graduate Studies also has information on other external awards available to Graduate Students. Please visit their external awards page for more information.

The Office of Graduate Studies also offers information on internal awards for graduate students offered by the University of Guelph. Please their scholarships and awards page for more information.

For information on external awards—this does not include University awards—please contact the department's Graduate Awards Officer, whose role is to supervise our graduate students' applications. Currently this is Professor Peter Eardley.

Philosophy Department Internal Awards

The Philosophy Department offers two Special Entrance Scholarships, awarded to select applicants with our offer letters:

Social and Political Philosophy Scholarship

  • New PhD students in social and political philosophy whose dissertations touch on ethical issues related to globalization are eligible to receive additional funding ($2,000–$4,000) from the Canada Research Chair in Ethics and Global Social Change. For additional information please contact Professor Monique Deveaux.


Women in Philosophy Scholarship

  • Valued at $1,000, this scholarship will be awarded annually to a woman student entering the Graduate Program in Philosophy, either at the master's or the doctoral level. This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic and scholarly merit.

Conference travel funding

The College of Arts and the Philosophy Department offer support for graduate students to share their research at academic conferences. Students are invited to apply for funding at regular intervals. We aim to fund as much of each student's travel expenses as possible.  Please see our Travel Funding page for further information.

Funding Information for International Students

Please note that the cost of doing an MA at the University of Guelph for most international students is prohibitive. In addition to the special tuition fees for international graduate students, there are also other non-academic and graduate student organization fees. Moreover, all international students and their dependents must enroll in the University Health Insurance Plan as soon as they arrive in Ontario. Because such fees exceed the amount that students receive in funding, international students must usually assume the cost of their own living expenses, which in Guelph and the Greater Toronto Area has become very expensive. For any questions, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Professor Peter Eardley (