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PhD Career Outcomes

CLA = contractually limited appointment
TT = tenure-track (either pre-tenure or tenured)

Year of completion Thesis title Advisor Current occupation
2007 “The concept of passivity in Husserl's Phenomenology” Lampert [left academia]
2008 “An approach to the topic of definition in the Posterior Analytics Dorter Associate Professor, University of Scranton (TT)
2009 “A hermeneutical reconstruction of the natural sciences and objectivity: theory, practice, and progress” Mitscherling Assistant Professor, York University (CLA)
2009 “Identity and the I” Russon Associate Professor, Ji Lin University, China (TT)
2009 “The death that is mine: the ambiguity of authenticity in Being and Time Russon Assistant Professor, Michigan Tech (TT)
2009 “The intercorporeal self: Merleau-Ponty on subjectivity” Russon Associate Professor (TT), Michigan Tech
2009 “The right to have rights: Hannah Arendt and the concept of dialogical accountability” Mitscherling Executive Director, Children Reading for Children Foundation
2010 “Frankenfood meets the gastronome: some ontological & axiological aspects of GM food” Houle Teaching English in Korea
2010 “Habits of freedom: John Dewey and the art of education” Russon Freelance writer, Academic Editor
2011 “An ethics of intelligently formed habits: how theory informs practice in Charles S. Peirce's writings” Mitscherling Assistant Director, Translational Medicine Institute, Colorado State University
2011 “Michel Foucault: the logic of freedom” Houle Teaching Fellow, University of King’s College, NS  
2012 “Reconstructing reason: an investigation of moral rationalism and the normative core of critical social and political theory” Payrow Shabani

Core Faculty in Interdisciplinary Studies, Antioch University (renewable CLA)

2012 “Consciousness, attention, and peripheral experience” Bailey Sessional Instructor at SW Ontario universities
2012 “The ethics of Kant’s practice: or Deleuze’s repetition of Kant” Lampert Asst Prof (CLA) at Brandon University
2012 “Brandom’s account of defeasible reasoning: problems and solutions” McCullagh Doctoral Student, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary
2012 “On being critical: critical hermeneutics and the relevance of the ancient notion of phronesis in contemporary moral and political thought” Russon Consultant, Lifeworld Consulting
2013 “The model worm: a controlled reduction” Wayne Proof-reader, Broadview Press
2013 “The intimate practice of self-knowing in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit” Russon Lecturer, Northern Arizona University
2013 “Friendship as shared joy in Nietzsche” Houle SSHRC 2-year postdoc
2013 “Interpreting the sacred: investigations of Heidegger’s phenomenology of religion” Russon Curriculum Designer & Teacher, U-Learn Rural Education Program, Waterloo Region District School Board
2013 “Heidegger and institutional life: a critique of modern politics” Russon One-year CLA at Trent University
2013 “Toward a phenomenology of depression: Merleau-Ponty and the plunge into the present” Russon Working as a therapist
2013 “But Socrates, what is it that you do? Education and the discourse of Plato’s Socrates” Russon  
2014 “How to actualize the whole possibility: the necessity-contingency dialectic in Hegel’s Science of Logic Lampert Postdoc with Dr. William Franke at University of Macao
2014 “Anatomy and culture: a new feminist methodology” Goldenberg Faculty (non-TT), Wilfrid Laurier University
2014 “The sublation of dialectics: Hegel and the logic of Aufhebung Lampert Starting at Osgoode Hall Law School, Fall 2014
2014 “Men’s task in Luce Irigaray’s ethics of sexual difference: privilege, responsibility, and reparations” Houle Program Manager, Center for Nonprofit Excellence (Virginia)
2014 “Limit, collectivity, and the capacity to act: Reading Hannah Arendt with Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari” Houle Assistant Professor, Philosophy Centre for Humanities, Athabasca University
2015 "Nisi Deus Decipiat": Adam Wodeham on Evident Knowledge" Eardley Sessional instructor, Nipissing University
2015 "Georges Bataille's 'Nonknowledge' as Epistemic Expenditure: An Open Economy of Knowledge" Houle Writer and translator
2015 "James's Account of the Phenomena and Conditions of Action" Hacker-Wright Professor, Sheridan College
2015 "Nostalgia and the Displacement of Identity: A Time-Based Analysis" Houle  
2015 "The Critical Stance: Ernst Cassirer and the Realist-Empiricist Dispute in the Philosophy of Science" Mitscherling Policy Analyst, Science-Metrix Inc
2015 "Nonhuman Publics and Human Politics: In Defense of an Ecological Political Sphere" Deveaux Assistant Professor (TT), Oxford College, Emory University


"Scientific Explanation: Towards a Neo-Deductivist Account"


Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Bonn

2016 "Explanation in High-level Theories in Physics" Wayne Associate Product Manager, Manulife
2018 "Resolving a Kantian Problem: Beyond Reconciliation to Formal Unity" Houle/Mitscherling Professional Support Worker
2018 "Collaborative Temporality: Merleau-Ponty and The Phenomenology of Music" Russon Assistant Professor, Brandon University
2019 "Dignity: A Salient Concept in Philosophy of Medicine" Goldenberg Part-time Faculty, Conostoga College & Editorial Assistant, Studies in Social Justice
2019 "Hegel and the Problem of Language" Payrow Shabani/Lampert Sessional Instructor 
2019 "A Deleuzian Theory of Eternity" Hacker-Wright/Lampert Remote Editor
2021 "Gilles Deleuze's Non-Ontological Philosophy" Dedrick/Calcagno Sessional Instructor
2021 "The Ethics of Water: From Commodification to Common Ownership" Deveaux Policy Analyst in Water Policy & Coordination, Environment & Climate Change Canada
2021 "Grounding Feminist Solidarity" Deveaux SSHRC Postdoctoral position at the University of Pittsburgh