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Canadian Papers in Rural History

Photograph: Barnyard scene, Stephen Sylvester Main collection, University of Guelph Library, Archives, and Special Collections, Agricultural History (XA1 MS A230 #004a)

Published between 1978 and 1996, the Canadian Papers in Rural History consists of 10 volumes of published essays related to rural history. A complete table of contents of all ten volumes is listed below. Where available, the editor's introductory summary is included.

When the first volume was published, the study of rural history was in its infancy in Canada. Donald Harman Akenson, founder and editor, noted "if we are true to the reality of the past, we must realize that until recently Canada was a rural nation ... it was [rural] people themselves who created the country, section by section, township by township." CPRH quickly became an indispensible source for rural historians. 

This material is reproduced by kind permission of Donald Akenson.

The ten volumes are available at the University of Guelph library. Call Number: HN 103.C35

Volume X (1996)

Volume IX (1994)

Volume VIII (1992)

Volume VII (1990)

Volume VI (1988)

Volume V (1986)

Volume IV (1984)

Volume III (1982)

Volume II (1980)

Volume I (1978)