DSF | College of Arts


The Drama Students Federation was formed in 1976 as a political movement by students. These students were not happy with the way they and their program were being treated at the time, and took a stand to be heard. Because of this the DSF have been able to voice their opinions and be heard in faculty meetings for the past 35 years.

Since then, the DSF have become more active in building a community for the theatre students to be a part of. This is done through various events that the DSF puts on each semester thanks to the College of Arts Student Union (CASU). These events vary from One Act Festivals, Movie Nights, Theatre Workshops, and/or pub nights, and much, much more!

The DSF Executive consists of 5 members, and hold weekly meetings in the Seminar Room of Massey Hall, and anyone is welcome to stop by. These meetings tend to be on the same day each week, but this day varies from semester to semester. If you are interested in attending, simply swing by Massey Hall and check out the DSF call board for more information.

If you have any further inquiries, please email us at dsf@uoguelph.ca.