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Shenkman Lecture in Contemporary Art Archives (07-13)

In 2007, an annual international lecture series focused on contemporary was created at the University of Guelph through a generous endowment provided by Dasha Shenkman OBE, a Canadian art collector who has lived in the United Kingdom for over 40 years. Shenkman has long been committed to the development of young artists and has been involved with a number of arts-oriented organizations, either at the board level or as a consultant, says Dr Sally Hickson, Director of the School of Fine Art and Music since 2014. "The annual Dasha Shenkman Lecture in Contemporary Art is a highlight of the university calendar.  Through her vision and generosity we have been able to bring major figures in contemporary art to Guelph, to give a public lecture and to participate in sessions with our MFA and senior undergraduate artists - the impact of the lecture is extraordinary," says Hickson. "Dasha's gift places a spotlight on our MFA program in visual arts, which is widely considered the best in Canada."



Dave Hickey - 2013

Mike Nelson - 2012

Hou Hanru - 2011

Iwona Blazwick - 2010

Roni Horn - 2009

Arthur Danto - 2008

Michael Craig-Martin - 2007