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Shenkman Lecture in Contemporary Art Archives

An annual international lecture series focused on contemporary art has been created at the University of Guelph through a generous endowment provided by Dasha Shenkman, a Canadian art collector who has lived in the United Kingdom for over 40 years. Shenkman has long been committed to the development of young artists and has been involved with a number of arts-oriented organizations, either at board level or as a consultant, says Prof. John Kissick, director of the School of Fine Art and Music. "Dasha's gift has, and continues to allow the University to bring in major international figures in contemporary art who can speak eloquently about contemporary culture in a way that will have ramifications for young artists," he says. "This significant gift is a testament to her compelling vision of creating a yearly point of access to renowned figures in contemporary art for Guelph students at a critical time in their development. We are sincerely grateful for her extraordinary commitment to the Guelph program."

"The idea behind this generous gift is to invite speakers who can address the University community as a whole about contemporary art in its many-faceted and complicated dimensions, and also for people to gain knowledge and wisdom from the artist or critic that they can apply to their own work," says Kissick."The lectures also spotlight the University's superb graduate program in the visual arts, which is known as one of the country's best."



Dave Hickey - 2013

Mike Nelson - 2012

Hou Hanru - 2011

Iwona Blazwick - 2010

Roni Horn - 2009

Arthur Danto - 2008

Michael Craig-Martin - 2007