Kinnery Chaparrel | College of Arts

Kinnery Chaparrel

MA student in European Studies (collaborative specialization in Sexualities, Genders and Bodies)
School of Languages and Literatures

Kinnery Chaparrel (they/she) is a scholar, poet, and community activist completing a Master’s of Arts in European Studies with a Joint Specialization in Sexualities, Genders, and Bodies in the School of Languages and Literatures. Kinnery’s Research focuses on tracing models of disability in dominant Western cultures from antiquity through to modernity, examining how modern disability frameworks have been inherited and informed by ancient conceptions of ability and disability. They consider positionality, reflexivity, and identity in Antiquity and Disability Studies; how scholars with disabilities can and should be centred in the pursuit of these investigation; and how people with disabilities can access and communicate our own histories through creative, non-traditional means of scholarship—with a focus on poetry and poetics—as subversive sites of knowledge production and dissemination, thus bridging a gap between academic and community-engaged scholarship. Other research interests include language pedagogy; Ancient Greek, Latin, and Ancient Near Eastern poetry; queerness in antiquity; modern receptions of Classical Studies through poetry, especially perspective poetry such as those found in the works of H.D. and Anne Carson; ancient legal speeches; the history of medicine; and ancient language pedagogy.