Plant Agriculture PhD Investment Initiative: Sources of Funding

The Department of Plant Agriculture has launched this program to attract the best and brightest students who are interested in pursuing careers related to the agri-food sector. The Department is well funded and equipped to provide training for the leaders of tomorrow. Funding from a variety of sources is being brought together to provide this funding opportunity for a PhD.

The Base

This initiative is open to students who have multi-year scholarships from NSERC, Ontario Graduate Scholarship or HQP (Highly Qualified Personnel program through the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The University will automatically provide a top up to these awards.  The funding from these sources will be supplemented with GRA (Graduate Research Assistantships), GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistantships) and internal scholarships. 


The Department, College and University have a significant number of entrance and in-course scholarships that will form part of the package for successful candidates. Some of these scholarships are dedicated to support students in particular research areas. In some cases, students will be automatically considered and in other cases students may be asked to apply.

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA)

Student projects will be closely aligned with the research objectives of their faculty advisor. Advisors have well-funded research programs and will contribute to your stipend. 

Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA)

The Department of Plant Agriculture delivers a variety of courses at the undergraduate and diploma levels. As a student in the program, the Department believes it is important to develop teaching skills under the guidance of the faculty mentor. Students will be guaranteed a minimum of two GTA‘s during the course of their studies. Students are also free to apply for GTA’s outside of the Department. 

Note: Priority will be given to new students entering the PhD program in the Department of Plant Agriculture.

The Department believes it is important for students to attend national and international conferences to present their research findings. This travel is supported through funding from faculty advisors and travel grants.