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A table full of vegetables

The Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming depends on contributions from our community. Please join us by donating, volunteering, participating and/or purchasing on market days.

We are currently fundraising for:

  • One student to work on the Farm from March to November $6,000
  • Outreach programming costs and educational materials $10,000 annually
  • Fund the Centre’s Coordinator and Lecturer position $40,000 annually
  • Infrastructure costs: including well maintenance, solar panels, a circulating pump for the pond and onsite electricity $15,000 one time cost
  • Purchase and installation of an onsite classroom using shipping containers including interior chattels $20,000 one time cost
  • Communications and Marketing, produce a web site, print posters, support social media and outreach efforts $10,000 annually

To donate to infrastructure and community outreach at the farm, please contact Amy Atkinson, Senior Development Manager, OAC: 519-824-4120, Ext. 58652 or

How to Donate Online

  1. Go to the Ontario Agricultural College online donation site.
  2. Under "Available Programs", click "I prefer to support an area that is not listed above"
  3. In "My preferred fund", type "GCUOF" and enter the donation amount.
  4. Complete the reminder of the form.


  • The Harshman Foundation for five years of support of the Farm Coordinator's position
  • The lovely greenhouse was donated by FarmStart
  • Abundant raspberry plants were kindly donated by Rodale Institute
  • Our water collection system was made possible by University of Guelph Professor Beth Parker who is the Director of G360 Centre for Applied Groundwater Research, with generous help from Aardvark Drilling.

Thank you to GCUOF volunteer, Michelle Arseneault, and GCUOF champion, Nora Camps, for providing the beautiful photos on our website.

If you wish to partner with us please contact Prof. Kim Schneider