Our faculty and students pursue the exciting, big questions that have always stimulated thinkers in different eras and cultures. How should we live? What do we owe each other, or future generations? How should we reason, and weigh evidence? More deeply: What is it to be a person, or to be a citizen? What is it to think, to reason? New answers to these questions are always being proposed and debated; new questions are being asked too. It's interesting stuff.

Please use this website to learn more about our programs, our people and the many events that occur throughout the year. Most of these are open to whoever would like to come.

Information about Winter 2017 courses: descriptions; timetable. For further details see the Undergraduate Calendar and/or WebAdvisor.


We're delighted to announce that our new undergraduate programs—Major, Minor, and Area of Concentration—are going to be in the Fall 2017 Undergraduate Calendar. Any students who are graduating in Fall 2017 or after have the option of choosing these requirements to satisfy, rather than the ones in effect when they entered their Philosophy program. The new requirements are much simpler and make for much easier planning! Please see the document stating the new requirements, or the awesome diagram depicting them. And if you have any questions, please contact our Undergraduate Advisor, Professor Stefan Linquist

Initiatives in Global Justice graphic

The Department is proud to publicize the "Initiatives in Global Justice" speaker series, put on under the auspices of our own Canada Research Chair in Ethics & Global Social Change, Professor Monique Deveaux. Please see our events listing for details.


Our recent PhD graduate, Martin King, has just (June 2016) been awarded a three-year postdoc as part of the “Epistemology of the...

The Department has formed a Diversity and Climate Committee to work towards welcoming everyone into the practice of...

We're delighted that our Associate Professor Stefan Linquist has just won the 2016 University of Guelph Faculty Association Distinguished Professor Award for Excellence in Teaching. Much deserved—...