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UPDATED June 2024


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Psychology course selection flow chart with clickable links (preview):

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Psychology course waiver requests

Early registration is STRONGLY encouraged! Course selection opens up several months in advance of each semester (June for Fall, November for Winter). During course registration, you may find that a course you would like to register in is full. Occasionally, a waiver can be granted to allow you to register under certtain circumstances. See the FAQs below to learn your next steps.


Psychology course restrictions (removed July 15 unless otherwise indicated)

  • NEUR2000 - NEUR major
  • NEUR4000 - NEUR major
  • PSYC1000-01 - PSYC majors only
  • PSYC1000DE - 1st Yr BAG, BAH, BAS, BASC, BLA, BOH programs; PSYC specializations; BBRM.EQM, BCOM.MKMN, BSCH.NEUR majors; BCA, FCS, LING, MKTG, NANS minors
  • PSYC1010 - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor, BCA, BECN, LING, MKMN, MKTG minor
  • PSYC1500 - PSYC major only (permanent restriction)
  • PSYC2020DE - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor, BOH, BLCK, SXGN, BCA
  • PSYC2070 - PSYC major only (permanent restriction)
  • PSYC2310 - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor, BOH, BLCK, SXGN
  • PSYC2330 - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor
  • PSYC2360 - NEUR major/minor, PSYC major/minor (until September 3)
  • PSYC2410 - PSYC major/minor
  • PSYC2740DE - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor, BOH, BCA
  • PSYC3000 - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor, BLCK (permanent restriction)
  • PSYC3100 - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor
  • PSYC3270 - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor
  • PSYC3290 - PSYC  major, NEUR major (70% PSYC average required) (permanent restriction)
  • PSYC3330 - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor
  • PSYC3490 - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor
  • PSYC3570DE - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor
  • PSYC3800DE - PSYC major/minor, NEUR major/minor
  • PSYC4290 - PSYC major only (70% PSYC average required) (permanent restriction)
  • PSYC4310 - PSYC major only (70% PSYC average required)
  • PSYC4460 - PSYC major only (70% PSYC average required)
  • PSYC4540 - PSYC major only (70% PSYC average required)
  • PSYC4580 - PSYC major only (70% PSYC average required)
  • PSYC4780 - PSYC and NEUR major only (thesis co-requisite)


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Psychology Faculty Advisors

From the Registrar:


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Contacts in Psychology:

Sharon Helder
Academic Advisor and Manager

Professor Dan Meegan
Undergraduate Program Coodinator (until June 30, 2024)

Professor Naseem Al-Aidroos (beginning July 1, 2024)
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Adriana Tramontana
Undergraduate Program Assistant

Expect delays of up to 7 business days during times of heavy volume (course selection, at the start of a semester, etc.).