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Innovation investment needed to grow Canada’s food processing sector

A look at the competitiveness and productivity of our nation’s food manufacturing sector shows a high level of technical efficiency in Canadian firms – but more innovation investment is needed to grow and diversify the industry.

Prof. Getu Hailu, Associate Professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, and graduate students Natalia Piedrahita and Zili Lai have been studying the opportunities and challenges facing food processing businesses in Canada.

Soil Research Projects Gets $600,000 from NSERC

It was announced today that the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) awarded a Strategic Partnership Grant to Prof. Claudia Wagner-Riddle, School of Environmental Sciences.

Wagner-Riddle will use a $614,353 grant to help improve soil quality. She will look at cropping practices that mimic natural ecosystems and improve resiliency to climate change.

Farming can reduce soil quality, even as a growing world requires more food.

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Prof Develops Model to Mesh Farming, Ecosystem

Can humans and the natural world co-exist? As human uses increasingly threaten the Earth’s natural spaces, a new ecological model developed by University of Guelph researchers suggests that so-called mosaic ecosystems may be near a “tipping point” and that conserving these landscapes requires taking a longer and more balanced view.

New Canada Research Chair in Food Nanotechnology

The University of Guelph will receive $1.5 million through a new Canada Research Chair (CRC) and the renewal of two others. Kirsty Duncan, federal minister of science, made the announcement today in Toronto. In all, there are 203 new and renewed chairs at 48 institutions across Canada, an investment of $173 million.

Guelph received a new Tier 2 chair in Food Nanotechnology to be held by Prof. Michael Rogers, Department of Food Science.

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New Professor in Regional Economic Development

We are pleased to announce with Libro Credit Union (Libro) the appointment of Prof. Ryan Gibson to the Libro Professorship of Regional Economic Development for southwestern Ontario. The professorship is focused on building economic development and innovation across the region, through world-class research, teaching, outreach and collaboration.

U of G Discovery May Benefit Farmers Worldwide

Our plant scientists have shown for the first time how an ancient crop teams up with a beneficial microbe to protect against a devastating fungal infection, a discovery that may benefit millions of subsistence farmers and livestock in developing countries.

Research Aims to Make Fish Farming More Energy Efficient

More sustainable aquaculture in Canada and abroad is the goal of a novel research project at the University of Guelph that brings together experts in fish nutrition and engineering. The researchers aim to make fish farming more energy efficient, saving money for producers in Canada’s nearly $1 billion aquaculture industry and producing more healthy fish for consumers.

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Feline Fine: Looking After Aging Cats

Canadians are living much longer lives than they did 100, or even 50 years ago, thanks to advances in health care and research.

The same trend is true for the feline population, shares Kate Shoveller, a comparative nutritionist and assistant professor in the Department of Animal Biosciences.

Similar to the human population, advances in animal health and nutrition have enabled cats to live longer lives.

“Just like humans, we have a very large aging population of cats,” she notes.

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