U of G Experts Recommend Fav Recipes

Posted on Friday, July 6th, 2018

We asked experts in the Department of Food Science and the Department of Plant Agriculture to share some of their favourite recipes that highlight an ingredient they work with each day. Check out the below for some proudly Canadian recipes. 

Ontario Apples

Harvest Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust

John Cline is a professor in the Department of Plant Agriculture. His research is devoted to helping Ontario apple growers produce premium quality fruit consistently, competitively and profitably, using sustainable agricultural practices. He recommends his favourite apple pie recipe. Check out the Harvest Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust Recipe here.

An apple pie sits on a table with an apple beside it.

"The only thing better than the aroma of apple pie baking in the oven is eating it! Ontario grows some apples that make a great pie. Northern Spy and Cortland are among my top choices – the have excellent texture and flavour after baking. Growing up my grandmothers and mother made pies often and apple was among my favorite. My wife also makes an apple pie second to none. I hope you enjoy."
-Prof. John Cline

U of G Asparagus

Grilled Asparagus with Balsamic Vinegar

David Wolyn is a professor in the Department of Plant Agriculture. A part of his research focuses on asparagus breeding and genetics. He leads the University of Guelph Asparagus Breeding Program that focuses on the development of all-male hybrid cultivars adapted to northern areas with cold winters. He recommends this simple, yet delicious asparagus recipe. Check out the Grilled Asparagus with balsamic vinegar recipe here.

Fun fact: The asparagus you eat is most likely a cultivar that was developed at U of G! The Millenium asparagus is popular worldwide for its high yields and adaptability to different growing conditions. 

A plate of asparagus.

"There is no better way to cook asparagus than grilling and balsamic adds a terrific flavour boost."
-Prof. David Wolyn

Canadian Ice Cream

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

Doug Goff is a professor in the Department of Food Science. Doug is best known for his research with ice cream, where he has maintained a research interest for more than 30 years, having looked at ingredients, structure, manufacturing and quality issues. Doug recommends his favourite unique ice cream dessert. Check out the Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich recipe here.  

Two macaron ice cream sandwiches sit on a plate.

"One of our Food Science product development teams this year developed a macaron ice cream sandwich, using ice cream that they manufactured in the pilot plant and froze into sliceable cylinders - combining two of my favourite foods." -Prof. Doug Goff

Niagara Peaches

No Sugar Peach Smoothie

Jayasankar Subramanian is a professor in the Department of Plant Agriculture. His research aims at developing new varieties of peach, plum, nectarine and cherries to meet the Ontario fruit industry needs. He recommended his favourite peach summer treat. Check out the No Sugar Peach Smoothie recipe here.

Fun fact:  Prof. Jayasankar Subramanian may have helped develop the peaches you are eating! Some of these peach varieties include Veeblush, Vivid and Vollie from the yellow peaches and White Knight from the white-fleshed peaches. 

A close up of a peach smoothie.

"The main reason I like this recipe is that there is no extra sugar which many of us are trying to cut down. Further it is very refreshing and very filling for a hot summer day’s work. An excellent, healthy drink from local produce to cool off." - Prof. Jayasankar Subramanian

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Vanessa’s Shepherd’s Pie with Buttermilk Yukon Gold Topping

Vanessa Currie is a potato researcher with the Department of Plant Agriculture. She works with the Yukon Gold Potato, which was developed at U of G. She recommends her very own shepherd's pie recipe. Check out the Vanessa’s Shepherd’s Pie with Buttermilk Yukon Gold Topping recipe here

"There is nothing as delicious and luxurious as creamy mashed potatoes, unless you have a savoury gravy of lamb and peas oozing out from underneath them. Eat potatoes. Often." -Vanessa Curie

Ontario Raspberries 

Raspberry Pavlova

Adam Dale is a professor emeritus in the Department of Plant Agriculture. His research focuses on the management, breeding and genetics in all berry crops. Check out the Raspberry Pavlova recipe here.

Close up of a raspberry pavlova on a plate.

"Strawberry or raspberry pavlova is one of my favourite desserts. A properly made pavlova is made in heaven, as  it combines the flavours and tastes of the fruit with the sweetness and mouth-watering texture of the meringue. However, a good meringue is hard to make as it is often tasteless or soft.  Here is a recipe from my daughter for a chocolate raspberry pavlova." - Prof. Adam Dale


Apple Crumble Gingerbread Blondies sit on a table.

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