Registration information for incoming graduate students | College of Arts

Registration information for incoming graduate students

Registering for your first semester

In late June or early July before your first semester, you will receive information from Graduate Studies which will tell you how to activate your registration online, using WebAdvisor.  You'll be told to register by enrolling in these two “dummy” courses:

  • UNIV 7510, “Active FT Registration” (any section is ok)
  • UNIV 7500, “Research/Writing”

Shortly following that, in late July/early August, the Philosophy Department Graduate Coordinator will contact you to set up a meeting to help you select your philosophy courses for the upcoming year. It is important to wait until after this meeting before registering for these courses in order to ensure that all the prerequisites (MA) or area requirements (PhD) for your program are fulfillled. (For more information, see the MA Program Regulations  or PhD Program Regulations.)

Graduate  Settlement

The Graduate Settlement tells Student Financial Services how you plan to pay your fees; you must complete the settlement each semester, as this question arises anew each semester. You must register and complete the Graduate Settlement by the deadline otherwise there is a $60 late fee.

If you know you will be receiving a GTA in your first semester and you wish to pay your tuition via payroll deduction, you will need to complete the Graduate Settlement by the deadline; after you complete the settlement, an email is sent to the Philosophy Department for authorization.

If your funding situation changes—if for example you are awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistantship even though you weren't guaranteed one—you can change the settlement. This must be done prior to the final payment due date. If you have any further questions about this, do not hesitate to contact the department's Graduate Secretary.