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Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) program provides a basic science curriculum in year one followed by the opportunity to select one of nearly 30 specialized areas of study. 

Develop your analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while gaining practical, hands-on training through laboratory exercises and field trips. Through formal course assignments, seminars and writing laboratory reports, students will also develop effective oral and written communication skills. Many courses provide practical hands-on training through laboratory exercises and field trips.

Admission Requirements

Ontario students applying to any Bachelor of Science program offered through OAC require 4U English; Advanced Functions; 2 courses from 4U Biology, Chemistry and Physics; 2 additional 4U or 4M courses. To be best prepared for semester one of the program, all applicants are advised to include 4U Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Full information on admission requirements can be found here:

Career Opportunities

  • Animal wellness and nutrition
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Research
  • Consulting or teaching
  • Food processing and safety
  • Plant biotechnology

Academic Advising

When you get to the University of Guelph, our program counsellors and faculty advisors are here to help you succeed. Program Counsellors can help students navigate specific degree program requirements and regulations, as well as the specializations within the degree program. Faculty Advisors are also available and have specialized expertise in the degree program specializations (major, minor, area of concentration or emphasis).

For more information on academic advising visit the Program Counselling & Advising page or the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre website