Honey: a sweet Canadian ingredient

We’re celebrating Food Day Canada this year by sharing information, recipes and fun facts for the whole family. Many of our alumni and community are balancing working from home and childcare, so we thought we’d share some fun activities to entertain everyone. 

Food Day Canada is a great opportunity to enjoy food, make food and learn about food.

Two OAC Grad Students Selected for Inaugural Agricultural Youth Council

Two University of Guelph and OAC graduate students has been named as members of the inaugural Agricultural Youth Council to advise the federal government on agri-food issues that matter most to young people.

Gordon Bell and Vicki Brisson are among 25 youths chosen for the council, selected from more than 800 applicants.

Bell is a graduate student in the School of Environmental Sciences and is studying soil health, including crop rotation, soil texture, climate change and water budgets in field crop production.

Head shot of Shing-Tian.

Meet Shing-Tian Ma, Food Industry Management Student

Shing-Tian Ma is a fourth year Food Industry Management (FIM) student. She believes the blend of business and science in the FIM program is the perfect academic mix for her career goals. With the combination of knowledge in food science from a previous college, and her hands-on managerial training at the University of Guelph, she dreams of making an impact in the food manufacturing industry.

Student Perspective: Things International Students Should Know About U of G

Are you an international student with an offer to the University of Guelph? Or maybe you’re thinking about applying? Already accepted? 

If you fall in any of these categories, it’s important that you read this post to learn more about the support available to international students at U of G! 

If you’re anything like me, you are uneasy about going to a school in the small town of Guelph for fear of standing out. I was scared I wouldn’t meet people from similar backgrounds, scared that I would be the only person of colour in the whole town, scared that there would be no community waiting to accept me once I got here. 

Student Perspective: How to Choose Food Programs at U of G

When I settled on pursuing studies in food and agriculture at the University of Guelph, I had to then narrow down my interests to select a major. 

I found myself on the U of G website many evenings after school reading up on the various agri-food programs offered. I quickly learned – by reading through program details and course descriptions - just how vast the food industry and the many career opportunities that are possible. It’s no wonder the University of Guelph is termed “Canada’s Food University”. (No seriously, type “Canada’s Food University” into Google!) 

Student Perspective: Why I Chose U of G

Hi, there! My name is E’layna Baker and I am entering my fourth year of studies in the Bachelor of Arts program in food, agricultural and resource economics at the University of Guelph (U of G). I am an international student who grew up on the small island of New Providence, located in The Bahamas. 

U of G Arboretum Reopening for Outdoor Events

The Arboretum at the University of Guelph, a popular green space among the campus and broader community, is reopening for outdoor events.

Beginning Aug. 8, the Arboretum will offer outdoor venue rentals for external activities on a restricted basis.

Director Justine Richardson said the University is allowing the picturesque grounds to again be open for special community events. The park-like, 165-hectare Arboretum is a highly sought-after venue for events such as weddings, memorials, birthday celebrations and fundraisers.

U of G to Host Global Animal Nutrition Summit

The first-ever Global Animal Nutrition Summit hosted by University of Guelph is aimed at bringing together leading animal nutrition experts to examine our food system when it comes to both humans and animals.

Originally scheduled as an on-campus international event, it has moved online and will run Aug. 11 to 14.

New Proposed Site Location for Honey Bee Research Centre

The OAC Dean’s Office is pleased to announce that a new site location has been selected for the proposed new Honey Bee Research Centre. The new site utilizes unused space located off of Stone Road East, currently managed by Physical Resources, adjacent to the Arboretum.

The HBRC was originally slotted to be relocated to a site adjacent to the Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming.  Following concerns voiced by GCUOF stakeholders, new locations were identified and assessed.

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